Healthy Snack Options

Did you know protein is the building block of ALL our cells? Did you also know because of the way we eat nowadays many people often do not get enough protein in their diet alone? This is why so many people I know  have reported an increase in their energy as they began to add in a life shake or add some protein to their snacks!


With the summer months approaching I am always looking for some easy, on-the-go snack options.  I love these because they use Shaklees life protein and are very kid friendly too!  Here are a few of my favorites…..(Smoothie recipes to come!)


Everyones favorite 🙂  These do not last very long in our fridge 🙂


I am a huge chocolate peanut butter fan and these do no disappoint!


During the summer I love making a “Mocha Shake” Although I am not a huge coffee drinker these mocha bites are divine!




Want to try a sample of our life shake?  Email me at and I would be happy to mail you one!13336137_1113972425312873_5740963840106508406_n.jpg

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