Calebs Birth Story

Please note I am sharing my birth story- if you care not to read “female details” you may want to skip this post. Also this is my personal story I am not a medical professional and you should always consult with your own Doctor. I am merely sharing my story! 🙂

This post is a LONG overdue (in fact Caleb is quickly approaching his 1st birthday- please someone bring me the tissues), but life with two kiddos, selling and buying a house, a baby that wasn’t the best sleeper, and keeping up with my business has definitely caused me to not have as much time to blog.

I have had a lot of people ask me about Calebs labor and what I used to help me have a natural delivery so I finally have it written. Calebs labor was pretty different than Malaynas. With Malaynas my water had leaked a tiny bit while I was teaching (it was such a small amount- think a drop or two).   All I had ever heard was your water breaking and it being a large gush. I had no clue that your water can break with just a tiny trickle. Throughout the night things felt a little different, but I didn’t know what to expect because I had never been in labor. The next morning things felt a little off so Sam encouraged me to call Delnor and they wanted me to come in to be checked. Sure enough my water had broken (they confirmed using test). They started me on Pitocin (due to how longer my water had broken for) and she came around 7-8 hours later. Pitocin was KILLER compared to natural labor and I got to a point where I needed an epidural because the contractions were intense and you had NO BREAKS! To read more of her birth story read here. photo 2 So because my water had leaked a small amount as I neared the end of my pregnancy I was constantly paranoid that it would happen again and not know. In fact my Doctor encouraged me if I ever thought it might leak to not take any chances and get checked. So sure enough when I was 38 weeks my underwear was a little wet and I called the Doctor and they wanted me to go in. I got an amnio test to see if it had broken. The first test had a possible faint line that was hard for the nurse to read the nurse so we had to wait another hour to get checked again. Lets just say it was the slowest hour ever. After doing a second test, the results were negative. Sam and I were a bit depressed walking out of the Hospital without our sweet Caleb, but we also knew the longer he is in there the better. IMG_5648 Since most babies tend to come around the same time I thought for sure he would be early like Malayna. Week 38 went by (Malayna was early at 38 weeks) and still no baby. I had contractions all day long and was dilated to 3cm with a soft cervix. Week 39 went by still no baby this time and I was 5cm dilated. Walking was hard and keeping up with my very energetic 2 year old, I was very uncomfortable, and just wanted to meet him (not to mention the nausea I experienced during the entire pregnancy). I was a LOT bigger this time with Caleb than Malayna too! He was 2lbs and 1 ounce more! IMG_5630 My Doctor actually scared me a little saying this baby would be BIG. Umm big- I am 5 foot 3 and May was only 6lbs 15oz. Yikes! They also told me I could choose any day to be induced and it was hard as I know things get more risky the further along you go, but I also didn’t want to be the one to determined when I thought he should come. However, I did not have peace about setting an induction day and decided to wait it out- and thankfully he ended up coming naturally!                       On Monday, June 2nd my dear friend Terra insisted we walk the baby out! She has just given birth to her sweet baby and we walked quite a bit that day. I still can’t believe she walked that much after having a baby- sorry Terra!  It was a busy day and that night my contractions seemed a lot worse. I even texted my mom and sister saying they were definitely changing. Sam, my mom and my sister were my rocks throughout my difficult pregnancy. I don’t know what I would do without them! I wanted all 3 of them to be in the room when I delivered because of their support and care for me. That night I went to bed in more pain than normal, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

One of my concerns was going into labor in the middle of the night and having to bring May somewhere. Thankfully the Lord answered that prayer and I went into labor in the morning!  I also did not want to go into labor exhausted as I wanted as much energy as possible.   On June 3rd, a very special day as Sam and I got married on the 3rd and May was born on the 3rd ,  I woke up and as usual was starving for breakfast (May was still asleep)! I got a semi decent amount of sleep besides peeing every 2 hours. I was eating my breakfast and things just felt different- lots of pressure and more intense contractions. I told Sam I think this is it, but I wanted to also wait it out a bit to make sure they didn’t stop. I told Sam we should shower- get our stuff ready just in case. So we got the house picked up, May eventually woke up and got her ready, and got all our bags ready. I was still questioning if this was the real thing, but when I called my mom to tell her we would be dropping May off I had to put the phone down I was in so much pain. The contractions were picking up and I didn’t want to wait too long as I knew I was already 5cm and second babies come quick. My mom had one contraction at the hospital with me and then she was pushing! I almost was born in the waiting room!

We dropped May off at my moms around 9:30am and headed to the hospital. I had a protein smoothie before I left and a meal bar on the way because I know they wouldn’t let me each once I got there. I needed something that would give me energy and also keep me full as long as possible.   We got to Delnor around 10am and as I was walking to the room I felt a little leaking (my water was leaking). The nurse checked me and I was between a 5-6 and did a test to see if my water broke and it came back positive. Today was the day! To say I was a bit excited was an understatement I felt like my pregnancy was the longest ever! This may sound weird, but with how hard my pregnancy was I was so full of joy to be in labor.  IMG_5642 I asked for a yoga ball as I knew that felt so good when I was in labor with May. They brought me this GIGANTIC yoga ball for a 6 foot woman I could barley sit on it. Thankfully they found me a small one. I sipped on some performance, sat on the yoga ball and we waited. My contractions were consistently around 3-4 minutes apart. The breaks were AMAZING!! With Pitocin when I had Malayna I started to get no breaks they were one contraction after the other. I felt incredible when I wasn’t having a contraction in fact many of you know I was texting you during labor. Also someone gave me the advice to take some Osteomatrix (calcium and magnesium that can relax your muscles) during labor so I was taking- 1-2 every few hours. I really think it helped relax me and my contractions. IMG_5635

I had an incredible nurse at Delnor, Bobby Joe, that was amazing and a God send. She helped coach me during contractions, and really believed that I could labor with no epidural. I NEVER EVER thought I could give birth without an epidural, but somehow she instilled in me that I could do it (especially because Malaynas was so rough with Pitocin). I continued to progress by using the yoga ball, walking a little, and layed down when I was tired. Things went fast.


Around 8-9cm things were starting to pick up-maybe around 1pm? I started getting anxious about how painful it would be and what pushing would be like with no epidural. However, Bobby Jo explained to me that pushing would feel good and that I made it past the worse. My contractions were getting pretty intense but I would say only about a half an hour were they so painful I was crying some. I still got those amazing breaks, and mentally I knew if I could make it through 45 seconds of pain it would soon be over. I did start to get a little panicked about how bad it would get if I didn’t get an epidural. I popped a stress relief complex to help with the anxiety (and it definitely did) and had 2 energy chews (wish I took 3-4 for what was to come…). I’m not quite sure I would have been able to go Natural if my nurse did not help coach and guide me during labor.

IMG_5666 IMG_5657

For some reason I kept feeling so much pressure I needed to go to the bathroom and whenever I did that squatting position made my contractions pretty bad! I got down on all fours on the hospital ground and that felt good and so did squatting. I tried to really work with my body and focus on opening up doing squats.  Bobby Jo coached me through all of this and I completely understand now why a doula is so important during labor- she was definitely more of a labor coach to me and knew a lot about natural labor and working with your body. The next thing you know I got checked and I was complete. It was go time! Yikes!

IMG_5658 I started pushing at 3:20pm, I pushed through 2 contractions and they wanted the Doctor to come in. Sweet that means this will be fast right?! I began pushing with the Doctor and it was hard. It was more difficult in the sense that it was so physically exhausting. Around 3:40pm my cheer squad could see his head so I knew things were getting close. The next thing I know the doctor was telling me not to push. The nurses moved my legs in places they have never been before, and the Doctor began pushing down on my belly (his shoulders were stuck). For a good 10 minutes I was in some of the worse pain of my life. I desperately wanted him out and the pain was intense. Not pushing was awful and at that point I really felt like I couldn’t do it. I think I even said “I can’t do this just get him out of me.” I was screaming like women do in the movies- it was scary. The Doctor gave me an episiotomy and thankfully a few minutes later he was out.

They laid him on my chest and I have never been more physically exhausted in my life. Just look at my face. I could barely have the energy to hold him. Those rush of hormones are incredible with natural birth.   I can remember hardly having the energy to hold him in my arms, I have never felt more relief in my life.

I was still having bad contractions only to realize the placenta still had to come out. And then I had uterine cramping that was pretty bad too (definitely worse with your second) and had to be stitched up! Just when I thought I was done! After they were done stitching me up he began rooting and latched on right away!!! This was such a relief as Malayna struggled for many weeks to latch on and we had a rough first 2 months of nursing. He ate for around one hour! And to this day loves to eat and is an incredible eater! It was such a blessing to not have nursing issues this time around.


My recovering was a lot different my back didn’t hurt as much because of not needing an epidural, and overall felt pretty good after about 1 week postpardum. Very thankful to the wonderful support and care of my cheer team- Sam, my mom, Lauren- the incredible care of Delnor- and my amazing nurses. I could not have done it without them. And the biggest glory and thanks to the Lord who gives us new life!

I’ve helped a lot of moms with nutrition before/during/after labor and have a TON of great resources from a Nutritionist if you would like to learn more about ways to help you during and after labor! Just email me And if you are a pregnant friend and would like to try any of the products in my hospital bag mention this blog post for a special 30% off!


IMG_5679 IMG_5680     To read what I packed in my hospital bag check this outphoto(341)IMG_5683IMG_5685Malayna was instantly in love and to this day has such a special, sweet, bond with Caleb.  Sweet family of 4! 🙂 Thank you Jesus!

I can’t believe this guy is almost 1!


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