Skin Care Challenge


Skin Care Challenge time with 3 special offers!!!

Who is up for a skin care challenge?  Try out the Enfuselle Skin Care Line (Receive 3 special deals) -get healthier skin- or your money back!

Right now Shaklee is offering FREE MEMBERSHIP ($19.95 value) and FREE SHIPPING (Up to $20) for any new customers who join with a variety of new member packs and one of them is the skin care line!  They also have free membership and shipping on many of their supplement health packs, Shaklee180 weight loss program, and Get Clean Line.   Send me an email if you are interested in learning about any of these special deals to save you some money will you get healthier.

I am looking for 3 people who would like to improve the look and feel of their skin.  By accepting my challenge I am offering a special $20 Rebate off the skin care kit (combine that with the free membership and free shipping thats a $60 savings)!  This offer is only good until the end of September.

If you are already a member and want to try out our skin care I will throw in Free Shipping as well.  Shaklee has 100% satisfaction for all their products, so if you don’t feel like your skin has improved you can always get your money back!  The skin care also lasts a very long time (around 6-12 months depending on product).


You can also purchase any of the products a la carte (although the program is designed to get the best results using the whole system).

 Our skin is our largest organ and its imperative that we take care of how it looks and what we put on it. Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care line has amazing results for so many people (see some picture examples below).  My chronically dry skin during the winter has gone away, and my skin has never felt so soft (just ask to feel it :), it also helped a lot postpartum with hormonal changes.  Also I had a bad dark freckle on my lip that I had to see a Dermatologist for-after using the chapstick it went away!  Read a few of my friends testimonies below to read more about how much their skin has changed.

A few years ago Shaklee hired one of the top cosmetic chemists in the country and then assembled a team of their top nutritional scientists to work with him and the result was a line of 16 new products so unique that they carry 7 patents.  Many skin care lines don’t even have 1 patent, let alone 7!!

I love using the skin caring knowing that they are….

photo (6)

Nutrient Based- It turns out that the same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside. So it should come as no surprise that the answer to amazing skin comes not from cosmetic company, but from the foremost natural nutrition company.


Clinically Proven- Shaklee spent over a million dollars to find the right nutrients and the right amounts and it paid off!  See results below.

Dermatologist tested

Hypoallergenic- See testimonies below on what people have to say with sensitive skin!

Never animal tested

PH Balance

Formulated without animal products/by products

100% dye, soap, mineral oil, and paraben free

If you are interested in the science, these Enfuselle (infusing the skin cells with nutrients) products literally apply anti-oxidants and nutrients directly to the skin (a very difficult task technologically to stabilize these nutrients in lotion form). The nutrients then not only repair collagen, but protect from the increasing environmental factors that severely damage the skin

And the results have been amazing


I love this apple test and the results it showed.  The top apple was treated with the skin care product labeled, the bottom was the control.   This apple experiment demonstrates the effect of oxidation in humans (from free radicals in cells/tissues in bodies contributing to aging). Once apples are exposed to air they begin to oxidize. You can see that Shaklee’s apple that was treated with Enfuselle actually looks better than the control. All the other skin care lines are worse, demonstrating no product on the market comes close to performing like Enfuselle!  We all know applying lemon juice to apples prevents browning, the same holds true for skin care products that contain vitamin C.


Here are some results from the Enfuselle line…

644241_760908562596_142544464_n 644459_422996997795100_372367169_n    GVKOWeJP0dAS7-s0gvy12NtX9d6BCkL9gRJ_6nYGuS4[1] IilCFkjekyR1oGP2qRbk-Ay8YsV5ipVjEsCsTk4Vb_U[1] IMG_3798 O_930anWcVf5OuSippQtO6fCfIVqNTngRl1Np72KDyE[1]







I have tried everything out there. Cannot use any of them, Avon, Marykay, Arbonne, all the store ones. I break out. I was using Neutrigena when I started Shaklee. It didn’t do anything for my skin but I didn’t break out. Moyra talked to me about our skin care. I said no, I didn’t want to risk breaking out again. Then she said what do you have to lose? It’s money backed guaranteed. So I tried it, and will not change to anything else! I even had the Marykay gal ask what I found because my skin looked great (and I have 50+ skin!). My daughter now uses it and my son does too. Helps with his breakouts.

Jean Z.

I use the Shaklee acne cream after toner and before moisturizer. I love how it really sinks into the skin as opposed to just sitting on top! This makes it easy to layer moisturizer and makeup on top without it caking.I also have extremely sensitive skin and love the Shaklee eye cream – it doesn’t burn my eyes like some other eye creams have!I also noticed a huge improvement in my breakouts when I went mostly vegan. Eliminating dairy seemed to help my skin breakout less.

-Shena F.

I am 49 years old next month and in my entire life I have never been able to use anyones facial products for any length of time due to sensitivity issues that, if not immediately apparent, will show up in 1-3 days. Enfuselle is the first time in my LIFE that I can use every single product with no irritations. My sister (almost 7 years younger) was just commenting on how I look like I had a face lift. I use the acne clarifying complex because it is the first acne cream I have ever been able to use.

Vicki H

My husband, Lowell, finally got rid of his Cystic Acne once and for all with Shaklee–when even accutane for 6 months failed to stop it. Topical things like enfuselle acne treatment are fine to dry up places–but the real healing comes from within.

Linda D


Also Eczema is a common issue many babies/children deal with.  Check out my friend Harper’s post to learn more about natural solutions to eczema.



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