Caleb’s Newborn Photo Shoot

This is our newborn photo shoot taken from the very talented Lauren Vartanian!

Caleb Newborn-4518 Caleb Newborn-4528 Caleb Newborn-4599 Caleb Newborn-4623 Caleb Newborn-4628

Caleb Newborn-4649 Caleb Newborn-4652

Caleb Newborn-4656 Caleb Newborn-4671

Caleb Newborn-4641

Caleb Newborn-4680 Caleb Newborn-4687 Caleb Newborn-4717 Caleb Newborn-4740 Caleb Newborn-4780 Caleb Newborn-4793 Caleb Newborn-4803 Caleb Newborn-4812 Caleb Newborn-4815 Caleb Newborn-4839 Caleb Newborn-4843 Caleb Newborn-4857 Caleb Newborn-4913 Caleb Newborn-4980


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