Christmas In July Specials- July Newsletter

-Free Shipping Opportunity:

Join one of our team health conference calls (listen in from the phone-30 minutes) and receive FREE SHIPPING on your next order:

Suffer from Migraines?  Join our teams health conference call led by our teams Nutritionist on natural solutions to migraines this Wednesday night at 8pm Central.  On the call my friend Angie will be sharing how she used to get chronic migraines for 10 years (4-5 a month) until she switched to Shaklee cleaners and supplements.  Email me for the phone number.   Refer someone suffering from migraines and get $10 off your next order. 


Business Conference Call- Love Shaklee products and wish you could get them FREE?  Perhaps you are looking to stay home with your children or earn some additional income?  Join our teams business conference call this Thursday at 8pm central.  On the call we will have several team members share how they have helped others live healthier lives, receive benefits such as free trips/car payments, and work alongside an incredible team of successful women!

This is the last month Shaklee is having their promotion of a FREE product and chance get a $100 coupon towards any 1 products after 3 months of a 50PV order. This month NEW members will earn a bottle of CaratoMax.
What is CaratoMax?? CaratoMax contains 6 of the most beneficial carotenoids. (carotenoid = the colorful plant pigments some of which the body can turn into vitamin A, are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease, and act to enhance your immune response to infections.) It has over 13mg of these carotenoids: lutein, lycopene and beta-carotene.



Skin Care

Remember Shaklee has 100% satisfaction on all their products give our skin care a try for 28 days and you will be sure to notice a difference!!

Vitamins for your skin

The same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside. 50 years of scientific nutrition research has been applied to developing the most advanced therapeutic skincare system around providing you the answer to healthy-looking, beautiful skin.


  -Christmas In July Special-

Purchase any of the following wellness packs and receive $15  off your order

Childrens Wellness Pack

1. Multivitamin: Increadivites

The first chewable multivitamin in the U.S. to contain lactoferrin, which supports a healthy immune system in kids.  Formulated with 23 essential vitamins and minerals.  No added artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  Gluten free.

2. Probiotic

70% of immune system lies in the gut.  Probiotics help with digestion, immune system, allergies/asthma, skin conditions.  Probiotics are especially important for a child who has ever been on  an antibiotic or steroid-based medications (common with asthma). These medications kill off much of these essential “friendly microbes” that live in the lower intestine. Without adequate amounts of these microbes, research now shows the body is more susceptible to infection (especially sinus and upper respiratory ) 


3.  Mighty Smarts/Chewable C/Meal Shakes (YOU PICK)

Might Smarts: DHA Chews. Scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA.  Essential brain-supporting nutrient, DHA has been show to support memory, concentration, mind skills, promotes healthy eyes, and vision – without the fishy taste!

Chewable C: Essential to build healthy white blood cells to prevent viruses, ear infections, colds, etc., that are depleted by fatigue, anxiety, pollution and extremes in temperature and humidity. Increases resistance to ligament and tendon injury

Meal Shakles: A smart choice for meals-on-the-go, between meal snacks, beverages, or for extra nutritional insurance any time of day. Because it is a complete meal, it is particularly important for finicky eaters. Unlike similar meal replacement products found in grocery stores, Meal Shakes contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavorings. A creamy, delicious shake that children love (and you will too at only 230 calories). Bavarian Cocoa and French Vanilla.


Energy Wellness Pack

  1. Vita-Lea $10 a Month

Vita-Lea with iron is a high potency formulation that provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels for optimal health.  Vita-Lea promotes:

Immune health

Bone health

Heart health

Breast health

Physical energy

Healthy skin, hair and nails



B-Complex provides all eight essential B vitamins necessary for converting the food we eat into energy. B vitamins help improve your cognitive performance and are also essential in the synthesis of DNA and new cells. The B vitamins (folic acid, B6, and B12) promote a healthy cardiovascular system by helping to lower homocysteine levels in the blood.



3. Energy Chews/Energy Tea

Shaklee Energy Chews provide a clean burst of healthy energy to help you get that extra edge when you need it most. Each chew contains a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and vitamin D. And there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products.

Energy Tea: Forget coffee and amped-up sodas. Here’s a safe and natural way to head off the slumps when you need a quick pick-me-up. An exclusive blend of antioxidant-rich green, white and red teas, as well as taurine, naturally boosts your energy and enhances alertness. Enjoy morning or afternoon, hot or cold.

Healthy Childrens Snack Recipe

No Bake Butter Blossoms

48 cookies

●1 Cup Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, or Seed Butter

●2/3 cup raw honey or pure maple syrup

●2 tsp. vanilla

●1/2 cup flax meal

●2 cups oats (use Gluten Free oats if needed)

●3/4 cup Shaklee 180 Vanilla protein or Energizing Soy Protein     

●1 TBSP Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

●48 large Dark Chocolate chips

●1 TBSP Hemp seeds (optional)

Mix all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Roll into 1 inch balls. Press down on a plate or cookie sheet until slightly flattened.

Press a large, dark chocolate chip into the middle of each cookie. Refrigerate or keep at room temperature.

This takes 5 minutes or less to mix; 5-10 minutes to roll into balls.  Or place in a 9×13 pan and cut into small squares.

Attached are some recipes for some wonderful healthy children snack ideas and a wonderful prenatal nutrition document!

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