Why Supplement- Is it really necessary to supplement?

 Is it really necessary to supplement?


I am going to talk a little bit about common misconceptions about supplementation and whether or not its really necessary to supplement.

Did you know 90% of diseases are preventable?

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Health Conference led by a Nutritionist who has recovered from lupus, cancer (given 6 months to live) and bitten by a brown recluse spider bite (was told she would be dead or alive in 10 days). This women looked to food and supplements to help heal her body and knows a lot when it comes to using nature to heal her body. Her talk focused on several things:
-Natural State of Health Health and Need for Supplementation
-Inflammation: The Silent Killer

I was blown away with how much I learned. One thing she addressed was the dramatic decline of our health care. Although we spend the most money on our health care, we are ranked as one of the unhealthiest countries.


Here are a few statistics she shared:
Top 4 diseases (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke) cover 80% of our health care
Every 33 seconds someone dies from heart disease
10,000% increase in heart disease in the past 80 years
80% of cancer is preventable
Breast cancer is #1 cause of cancer around the world
500% increase in autoimmune disease




I think a big part of this is because we are part of a society that is focused on treating and not preventing or getting to the root cause of disease. When we are sick we seek out medicines instead of finding the root cause of why certain things happen. Don’t get me wrong I am not against Doctors, Hospitals or Medicine. In fact I am extremely grateful for them and I KNOW MANY TIMES THEY ARE NEEDED!!!  As I battled through Hyperemeis I can’t imagine how i would have functioned without Zofran.  I just think  sometimes certain things can be treated and prevented with changes to our diet and supplements. For example, I can’t tell you how many people I know whose Doctors prescribe steroid crèmes and lotions to help their childs eczema and after just switching to our laundry or adding in a few supplements no longer has any signs of eczema. Just the past few weeks two friends have seen dramatic improvement in their childrens skin by changing cleaners/adding in supplements.
Here is an example of one:

BB'S SKIN - 3 DAYa1.jpg.jpg.jpg(1)



Part of my job as a Health Consultant is seeking to get to the root of what is causing the symptom/disease? What is happening in the body to cause this symptom? What is your diet like? Have they had any past use of antibiotics (antibiotics kill good bacteria and often cause issues in the gut).   Most of the time laundry, changes in the diet, and adding in supplements to boost the immune system/restore the gut are all children need. Had these parents not made these changes, their children would still be suffering.  My friend Steph tried all those products- probably costing her lots of money and found no relief.  Not only did Shaklee products help, but he is no longer suffering.  You can read her story here.

For my friend Laura, all she did after trying so many different things with her children was switch to our non-toxic laundry and the eczema went away!  Often times we don’t realize how big of a role cleaners play in our health.  To read more check out this post on laundry being found in our bloodstream or this post.  For many children just changing laundry is all they need to do, but for others they need to restore the gut (using probiotics) and help build up the immune system.  Check out this blog post from my friend Harper here on why changing diet and supplements is so important.  I have lots of great info to share on eczema if you would like to learn more let me know!

Another amazing eczema story from my precious cousin:

Probiotics dissolved, alfalfa, 1/4 increadivites, 1/2 nutriferon!!

eczemaEczema testimonies are just the beginning.  Allergies, asthma, digestion, energy, mood, anxiety, weight loss, immunity and more are all things I have seen diet and product support helping!






“But shouldn’t we get all our nutrients from food we eat.” Or “I eat pretty healthy, I don’t need a supplement.”
Only 2% of the population gets the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet. Did you know it is recommended to eat 5-9 veggies a day! On top of that most food nowadays is heavily processed, or not grown locally or organically- thus losing a lot of the important nutrients our bodies need! The practices of agricultural have changed a lot nowadays as well as many farmers rely on pesticides. There is a 38% decline in nutrient value in produce, and even the soil is not as nutrient rich as it once was! Countless studies show the health benefits of nutritional supplementation. Just a few facts on how many diseases can be preventable with proper nutrition and supplementation….

Information taken from here:







Using Supplements Costs too Much
The amazing part about prevention is it really does save you money in the long run.  People share with me all the time how much money they save from fewer Doctor visit, prescriptions, medical bills, sick days, etc. And you can’t put a price tag on feeling better and having a better quality of life!
Take my friend Ambers story for example whose daughter struggle with asthma- was on a bunch of prescription medications-spending hundreds of dollars a month went to switch cleaners/supplements and now spends very little on supplements to keep her daughter off her meds!!! NO asthma or allergy medications, NO doctor visits, NO antibiotics for 7 months, and NO real sicknesses.  Yes not only will she not have any side effects from the meds, but she is also saving money.

Here is her cost breakdown comparison:

Medical Costs $1,522.54 before insurance ($778.66 paid out of pocket)
Pharmacy Costs $392. 54 before insurance ($236.66 out of pocket).

Did you see this is $1015.32 out-of-pocket in only seven months!  For the past 7 months, do you know what I have spent?

Incredivites ($29.70/120 tablets)
NutriFeron ($39.00/60 tablets lasted us 7 months)
Chewable Vitamin C ($23.35/300 tablets)

Total: $151.45

Supplementing Helps Prevent Disease

Did you know Shaklee has been around for over 56 years and the average Shaklee user uses their products for over 17 years! The landmark study alone sold me that showed people who take Shaklee supplements had overall better health than those who took another supplement or no supplement at all.

There were 3 groups studied: one group used Shaklee for over 20 years, another group used other brands, and the other used no supplements. Guess which group was the unhealthiest?… The one who took the other brands. And the healthiest group was the Shaklee group. Ours is the only company in the world with proof of the long-term health benefits of its products.

To view the 3rd party study: www.landmarkstudy.com

When compared to other brands of supplements, Shaklee supplement users were:
— 73% less likely to have diabetes.
— 67% less likely to have experienced heart failure.
— 38% less likely to have high blood pressure.
— When over 65 years old, Shaklee users had an average of 0.6 prescriptions filled compared to the average of 19 (for Medicare Patients over 65) within the most recent year…

Proving Supplementation can help prevent disease!

Remember not all supplements are the same.   To learn more about how Shaklee supplements are unique check out these posts! 

Why I switched to Shaklee Supplements

Vitalizer Feel Better Challenge




curebandaid  387464368_640Its been incredible to be a part of a company that changes lives.  I love hearing how my family and friends energy, digestion, allergies/asthma, immunity, losing weight, joints, and so many more things have changed after using the products.  I would love to help you as well!  If you have any health concerns- Shaklee has 100% satisfaction.  I encourage you to try the products and if you don’t like them you can get your money back!


 Today is the final day to take advantage of Shaklee’s amazing $68 savings. 

Refer a family/friend and receive a free gift on me! 



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