Gender reveal

Still catching up on pregnancy posts!

Here is a little run down of our gender reveal (yes back in Janurary). Sigh.

For Malayna we did a little Gender Reveal party which was fun. We found out the gender at the ultrasound and then had family and friends over for the big reveal. We put a pink m&m in the cupcake for them to bite into and find out it was a GIRL!


A comparison….


For this pregnancy we wanted to find out the gender again. Can I say how much I love finding out the gender. In fact both times I was pregnant I highly considered getting an early ultrasound done to find out the gender, but held myself back ;). I just am always so anxious to find out the gender.
This time I wanted to find out in a more special way than by the ultrasound.  We gave Lauren the card with the ultrasound and gender and she planned a special revel for us.

She gave Sam, May, and I each special gifts revealing the gender.
Sam got a fishing pole
I received a special blue onesie with hastags (inside joke with Lauren)
And May received a special doll that was a baby boy (this made me cry when I saw hers)

We all got to open them at the same time.  Lauren picked the perfect gifts for each of us and it was so special to each get one.

After we had Malayna reveal to everyone “BOY” on a special video.
We are over the moon to be having a boy and excited for all that little boys bring- lots of energy, adventures, wrestling matches, fishing/hunting, trains and more!



She is very excited to be a big sister!

photo(213) photo(211)Updates including some videos and pictures on my “Work from Home” and  “Shaklee” tabs!  Check them out! Lots of exciting things happening!

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