My big 2 year old


photo(235)Two years old is SO MUCH FUN (and exhausting….).  This age is such a blast with all the things she is able to do now.  Its fun to actually have a meal together and have a conversation.  Malayna’s personality comes out more and more everyday- she is so full of life, brings joy to those around her, VERY LOUD (don’t know where that comes from), messy (can destroy a room in 30 seconds), plays so hard, and definitely knows what she wants.

photo(200)As she grows older I am more and more grateful for the incredible church we can be a part of.  Even at just 2 years old, she is beginning to grasp concepts like Jesus healing people and caring for others.  I love picking her up from a Sunday morning at Kidsworld and hearing what she is learning.  One of my favorite things is hearing her pray and thank God for the little things- like dip or a spoon.

photo(193)   For her birthday we took her to Monkey Joes- a fun indoor jump place.  She had a blast and then went out to lunch at  2Toots- a restaurant that brings out food on trains.  Lets just say she was one happy girl.

photo(196) photo(198)Her current obsession is ducks and trains.  We have to read 10 Little Rubber Ducks before every nap and bed.  Lets just say we have the book memorized.  How is it that kids want to read the same thing over and over and over again??  She has a big and small duck that she carries with her everywhere.

She still loves loves loves trains.  She carries Chuggington with her everywhere and will easily play with trains for long periods of time.  She has woken up in the middle of the night and yelled out, “Ride the rails.”  True story.  Her favorite show is still Curious George and favorite movie is Despicable Me.  She has minon band aids she has to wear every day.


She loves her newest cousin beautiful baby Viola.  In fact she talks about her often and calls random strangers and our baby Viola.  She calls her Iola and it sounds so cute.

photo(236)She loves to touch my belly and say its ok baby.  Or play Doctor and try and hear the heartbeat. 


I am also loving this age because she is into doing a lot of crafts/painting/coloring (My fav).


photo(237) photo(240)

She definitely takes after her mama and does NOT like cold weather.  We did manage to go sledding though 🙂

And her other favorite obsession is playing in the sink.  photo(245)Love you baby girl!  Each day with you is such a gift.

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