Feel better in 30 days…The Vitalizer Challenge

Vitalizer- Challenge


*Don’t miss my special “Feel Good” Rebate at the end!

Did you know that the first ever, long term (20 year users) supplement study was conducted looking at three different sets of people :

a.  Those who use Shaklee products

b. Those who use other supplements

c. Those who use no supplements are all

 Shaklee Landmark Study

The research conducted by the U Berkley found Shaklee supplement users had overall better health.

— 73% less likely to have diabetes.

— 67% less likely to have experienced heart failure.

— 38% less likely to have high blood pressure.


But you don’t have to wait 20 years to see benefits, in as few as 8 weeks these results were found:


Did you also know….When over 65 years old, Shaklee users had an average of 0.6 prescriptions filled compared to the average of 19 (for Medicare Patients over 65) within the most recent year…

Also, many of us know adding protein after a work out can help you gain more muscle and lose weight.  In clinical testing, check out the results of combining VItalizer and Shaklee180 led to gaining more muscle, and losing more body fat.


From this study Vitalizer was born….

Vitalizer is the most advanced multinutrient supplement in the marketplace today with 80 bio-optimized nutrients clinically proven to create a foundation for a longer, healthier life. Vitalizer is the powerful and convenient approach to complete supplementation providing the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics, all in one daily serving.

Vitalizer™ supports*

  • Heart and brain health*
  • Immune health*
  • Physical energy*
  • Stress management*
  • Antioxidant defense* DNA protection*
  • Bone and joint health*
  • Digestive health*
  • Healthy hair, nails, and skin*

Every Vitamin + Minerals Your Body Needs

  • Bio-optimized nutrients for optimum absorption
  • High potency to fuel your body’s most vital functions
  • 100% or more of the Daily Value of all vitamins
  • All eight highly potent B vitamins, including biotin
  • High levels of vitamin D3, the most bioavailable form of vitamin D

Powerful Antioxidant Spectrum*

  • Helps protect against free radical damage*
  • Robust blend of 26 antioxidants, including lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and alpha carotene*
  • Full spectrum vitamin E derived from all eight natural forms
  • Triple berry blend – featuring black rasberry, red raspberry and blackberry seed extracts – provides 77x more polyphenols, ounce for ounce, than juice

7 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Helps reduce the risk of heart disease, also promotes brain and joint health**
  • High-potency EPA and DHA
  • Ultrapure, pharmaceutical grade

Guaranteed Superactive Probiotics to Improve Digestive Health*

  • Support healthy digestion and immunity*
  • Extensively studied active cultures
  • Patented delivery system

vitalizer pic

Vitalizer also comes with FREE MEMBERSHIP ($20) value  that allows you 15-25% off all future products.


Check out this video:

Did you know many vitamins you get at the store are synthetic or isolated?  Check out this document to read what makes Shaklee vitamins unique.


Also, did you know some vitamins, actually a lot of vitamins do not get absorbed into our body?

and see below for the special SMART system Shaklee created to ensure the vitamins get absorbed where they need to get absorbed.


Want to feel better?  If you are looking to make some health changes- feel better- more energy- improved digestion-improved allergies- cholestrol improving-no longer anemic- acid reflux going away (all testimonies from people going on Vitalizer).  Take the Vitalizer Challenge and in addition to feeling better I am offering a $20 Rebate off your first purchase!!

Learn more about the research results of the first-of-its-kind Landmark Dietary Supplement Study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley and published in the Nutritional Journal (2007) at http://www.landmarkstudy.com/

Try Vitalizer today!

Send me an email for futher details- Katie.odom09@gmail.com

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