Quick and Healthy Homemade Chipotle Bowls

Who doesn’t love Chipotle?  I know I do.  I got this idea from my mom/sister to make Homemade Chipotle Bowls.  I get cooked chicken pieces from Trader Joes and I cook it in some chipotle adobe peppers.  I can’t handle a lot of spicy so I only need 1-2 peppers.   I freeze the rest for next time.  I cook brown rice in the rice cooker (remember how easy I said this would be?).  I actually did not have the adobe peppers this time so I just mixed the salsa with chicken.  It still was good!


I put brown rice on the bottom, chicken, and add lettuce, corn, tomatoes, cheese, black beans salsa, and greek yogurt (try it instead of sour cream).  Oh and have you seen at Trader Joes or Costco how you can get cilantro, garlic, parsley etc.  in freezer cubes! I love love love these to cook with!  See bottom left picture from Dorot.


Probably takes about 15 minutes and we always have leftovers for lunch the next day!  Let me know if you try it! photo(171)

21 Months

As much as I hate to admit it, people are saying she is looking more like a 2 year old….


It’s so fun to see her personality come out more and more everyday.  She loves to include others (either that or she is super bossy!!!).  If we are doing Ring around the Rosie everyone must join her and if we are saying prayers and someone is not praying then she calls their name out to pray.  Yep sat down to lunch the other day and forgot to pray and she said “momma pray.”  Went to pray before nap and she kept calling out Dada as we try to pray together before bed.  Well I told her he was working, she said “phone.”  So we had to call him.  Miss. Inclusive.  Hope this trait carries on.


She definitely knows what she wants and makes it known-  has her share of temper tantrums, insists on doing things her way, and hates to share.  🙂  Girl on a mission beware!!


She continues to be very cautious and timid with first time things.  I took her to the Chiropractor recently to get adjusted for the first time.   Anyway she FREAKED OUT, but the funny thing was she freaked out when I got adjusted.  As soon as I layed down on the table she started sobbing hysterically.  She was so worried about me even though I tried talking to her.  Her second visit was far less traumatic.


One of my favorite things is praying with her before bed.  If Sam’s gone she calls for him over and over again, she folds her hands, and we pray. I remember reading somewhere we teach out children how to pray.  Strong calling, but so true!

Our great friends that live around us gave us this amazing slide that May loves to play on!!  So so grateful for this!!  Thanks Terra!


She made her first craft with some of her buddies at Story Time in Dekalb…Corn of course

photo(169) photo(168)

She loves taking her new backpack to Grandmas.  She likes to fill it up with books and of course her “puff balls” shes obsessed with.

Still soaking up some summer goodness!


photo(166)  photo(164)

We have finally gotten to take her out on our boat and lets just say she loves it.  She waves to all the other boats, loves swimming in the water and playing on the beach.  She is becoming quite the fish and will swim around for quite a while.  We told her the night before we were going out what were were doing tomorrow well she woke up in the morning asking to go on the boat with water.  I can’t believe she remembered that.  Also she asks to go swimming when we go to the Y over and over again.



Helping dadda clean his car….photo(162)

She still loves her “dips.”  Her newest obsession are cucumbers!  photo(160)

Works going really busy so I had to hire help.  Thankfully she doesn’t charge too much….


Sam and I had out first trip away to Nashville which was amazing!  We had a lot of fun, and I quickly realized how vital it was for our marriage to get away!  We missed May a lot, but she did WONDERFUL at Grandmas.  Not going to lie I was a bit worried about her adjusting to a different place, routine, and mostly bed- but she did great!

photo(159)The next updated will probably be at 2 years yikes!!