Bethany’s Baby Shower

Beth is one of my dearest, closest friends since way back in middle school.  I believe she liked by Sketcher Shoes and we quickly developed a friendship since.  We both happened to go to the same college and have stayed connected since.  She is expecting a baby in September and we threw her a baby shower at the beautiful Gianacakos Inn.  Check out some pictures from the beautiful day!


IMG_4004 IMG_4001Bethany’s sister-in-law Stephanie made those amazing cookies!  She is extremly talented and they tasted delicious!  Sam actually carved that watermelon.  Way to go Mr. Martha! He was so proud. IMG_4000 IMG_3999 Bethany-1Everyone wrote a special note with a picture for Bethany to have as a keep sake.  May claimed her hubby already 😉


IMG_3997 IMG_3996The amazing team of women I am grateful to know from college!  Beyond excited and thrilled for Bethany and the little boy on the way! Especially grateful that she will be living closer too so I can snuggle him up!  Bethany-2


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