5 Summer Favorites….

Top 5 Summer Favorites:

How is summer going by so fast?!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite products I have been loving this summer!

1. Basic H and Basic G wipes! 

I love having these wipes in my purse and car!  The nice thing about them is you can wipe faces and mouths without worrying about chemicals getting on your precious kiddos faces!  They are convenient and the Basic H helps with getting stains out of clothes too!  They can also be used….As a natural bug repellant! Basic G kills and disinfects better than Lysol and is great for shopping carts or for washing hands after being out in public places.


2.  New Snack Bars and Smoothies!!  Shaklee just came out with these Toffee Chocolate snack bars.  These are great to have in your purse as a quick snack filled with protein(non-gmo,low glycemic, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, gluten free).  They also just came out with Vanilla Chai protein!  Smoothies have been one of my favorite summer must haves!  Ice-cold, delicious smoothie heaven.  Especially when Lauren makes them!  Ugg Jamba Juice has nothing on Lauren!  Anyway, smoothies are great because you can pack in so many nutrients in one cup!

I love adding in spinach and kale- you can’t even taste it and it instantly gives you lots of nutrients.  Also you can add in Flax Seed or Chai for additional nutrients!

Here are some of my favorite 180 smoothies:


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

2 Scoops of Shaklee180 chocolate protein (high quality-non-gmo)

8 oz milk

1 tsp. all natural peanut butter

1 bannana


Handful Spinach/Kale

Flax seed


Pina Colada

2 Scoops of Shaklee180 vanilla protein

8 oz milk

½ cup of pineapple chunks

½ tsp pineapple extract


shaklee-smoothiesMore info here!

 May has been going through a picky phase and its nice to give her some of my smoothie and know she is getting some protein and veggies.

3.Performance.  Sometimes I just get so sick of drinking water all day long!  This is such a great drink for working out, when you are out in the summer heat, or just staying hydrated.

 They are also

Free of any dyes,


extra sugar and

full of hydrating electrolytes to hydrate better than water

(No BVO’s like in Gatorade)


Neat story about Performance- in the 1990’s NASA came to Shaklee asking for a rehydration drink! They created Astero Aids- now known as Performance.


4. If you summer is anything like ours you may feel like you have been going 100 miles an hour some days!  There have definitely been some days I need some added energy!  My two favorites are B-complex and Energy Chews.  B vitamins get depleted from our bodies so quickly- from refined carbs, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, stress.  B vitamins help convert our food into energy.  Also very important to take before and during pregnancy to protect baby and reduce nausea.  Energy chews are almost like a starburst consistency and I have found only take ¼ or ½ the serving size gives me just enough energy to plow through work or getting some cleaning done!  They help with not only energy but focus and attention.  Each chew contains a scientific blend of caffeine from natural green tea extract, plus L-tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and vitamin D. And there are no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added preservatives you’ll find in other energy products.


5. Skin protection! I love the Enfuselle line with Shaklee.  My  skin feels amazing.  I use the AM repair crème in the morning as it has sunscreen in it.  To read more about the skin care line read here!


Interested in trying any of these products?  Let me know and I can get you a special 10% discount! 

All their products are 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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