18/19 Months

My BIG girl rundown at 18 months….

This summer has been so much fun with lots of playdates, park trips, swimming, bike rides, and just plain old outdoor fun!

She enjoyed seeing Daddy and Uncle Bryan’s big catch….


She started taking swim lessons again at the YMCA.  Its been a lot of fun and she is definitely worn out by the end and always sleeps really well after.  I am super impressed with the instructor and can already tell she is become quite a fish!  She started getting scared of the water so I knew it was time to take swim lessons asap!

photo(142) photo(141)

She sat in that chair at Mary’s for a good 30 minutes.

Exploring her new sandbox.photo(139) photo(137)


 IMG_3905 She started showing some interest in potty training. She will tell us when she has to go “poop poop.”  We sit her on the toliet and she doesn’t go- however she will go shortly after in her diaper which shows me she is understanding her body more.  I am not quite sure I am ready to start potty training yet- especially in the summer. I feel like it would be way to hard to stay home for a few days to really focus on potty training!  Any potty training suggestions are welcome please! 🙂  She also loves to grab the tiniest piece of toilet paper- bring it over to her potty- sit down- and wipe herself.  I am not kidding.  Sam and I crack up everytime she does this- especially because she grabs the smallest piece of toilet paper ever and wipes with all her clothes on.

Enjoying a baseball game….photo(124)

She started screaming loudly lately.  This is actually quite humorous as those who knew me as a child always commented that I screamed all the time.  Haha oh boy, definitely my child.


I love being able to ask her questions and communicate more with her.  I feel like we are actually having conversations with one another now.  Well sort of…;)


She has always loved books, but this month especially she will sit and we will read a bunch of books together without her wanting to turn all the pages.   I can definitely tell her attention span is growing.  Hope she loves to read like her dada does!  Leaders are readers!


Her newest obsession are trains and “bus” as in “Wheels on the bus.” Someone was giving away these trains for .50 cents!!  Crazy best .50 cents I’ve spent in a long time! She loves them!


She is now officially down from two naps to one nap.


She loves “dipping” her foods in sauces.  In fact she often asks for “dip.”  What is so funny is she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth….YET.  I tried giving her a donut as a treat once and she did not want it.  What?! Who is this child?  Who passes up a donut?  I am confident this will pass.  She does love ice cream though!


photo(121)She can pretty much repeat any simple and non-complex word.


Happy 1.5 years my sweet, lovable, funny, kind precious May May!

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