Ways to save money….Garage Sales Tips and more!

A few thoughts on saving money!

1.      Dave Ramsey- I can not recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University enough.  This class changed Sam and I’s life.  I thought I knew quite a bit when it came to saving, giving, etc, but starting the class I quickly realized I knew nothing!  The class talks about saving up, getting out of debt, insurance, retirement and college, real estate and mortgages, and so much more!!  I also liked how he talked about your personality and if you are a nerd or free spirit!   The average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 in the first 90 days!!  Money can be hard to manage- and we are nowhere near perfect in how we spend our money- but we have learned quite a bit in the process.  Also, the end goal in financial peace is to give more- which is the best way to spend the money we have been entrusted with.

I recommend liking his page on Facebook for some daily encouragements.

2.       Buy in Bulk- Costco.  I love Costco- especially the good deals you can get.  We buy quite a bit there and the nice thing is it lasts us a few weeks.  And anything that may go bad you can always freeze.  I love there giant box of spinach for around $4, frozen fruit- this is quite pricey but you can get quite a bit at Costco, organic eggs, yogurt, berries, hummus, veggie straws, etc.


3.      Cook double portions and save for leftovers or free for another meal.  This is probably obvious to most but I normally always have leftovers from dinner that I eat the next day for lunch.  Sometimes if I made a big portion I even freeze some to use another time.  There is nothing like a freezer meal to have on hand for crazy busy nights!  We live off of leftovers and it will definitely save you money.

4.       Switch cleaners! Everyone knows my love for Shaklee cleaners- not just because of how well they work and non toxic ingrediants, but because they save money.  The laundry can last a very long time easily saving you money from using Tide or other store brand laundry detergents!  The Stain remover (natures bright) I have had since the fall and still have quite a bit.  All of there cleaning lasts you a long time and saves you at least $200 a year.  I love not having to shop for any cleaners!

This document is great at showing how you save money when switching to Get Clean Line!  Even cheaper than Seventh Generation, Downy, Tide, etc.

Get clean_cost comparison_022011dc(1)(1)

You also may be interested to know Basic H is actually cheaper than vinegar!!!  Here is the document.Basic H2 compared to vinegar

Posts on cleaners- Basic H, Scour off, basic g, laundry


Compare on amazon. I often go there to check out reviews and compare prices.  Often they do free shipping so that is nice as well.

Try to use reusable containers instead of zip locks and cloths instead of paper towels-I can be bad at this as sometimes a paper towel is so quick and handy- but using towels or rags instead will save you money.  My absolute favorite cleaning cloths are these!  Ahh these are worth every penny let me tell you!!


Garage Sales/ Resales-

Find good place/location

Find out where they are and plan ahead.  Friday mornings are always nice because people still have a lot to choose from- HOWEVER, many are not willing to bargain as they just started and think they may get a higher offer later that day.  Saturday afternoon close to closing time people are willing to almost give things away for free- but often the good items are gone!  When you go garage sailing with kiddos make sure to pack lots of snacks occupy them, or find an amazing babysitter so you can dash in and out of the car!


Find a skilled garage seller

After spending quite a bit of time going to garage sales you start to know whats a good price for certain things.  If something seems high priced you can always bargain with others.  I have a good friend Jerusalem who is the queen of that J.

My best garage sales were actually from Cortland this year.  Normally its Mill Creek, but I found some houses had things priced quite high in price this year, and some did not want to negotiate.  Every year I suppose it varies.

Be on the look out for freebies!! We have scored a Radio Flyer wagon and amazing sandbox with a table attached all for free that people put on their curb to take!  May I add Sam almost didn’t grab this?!  cray cray!


Learn to Negotiate

I am definitely not a negotiator at all, but have learned a few things.  First its easy to negotiate when you buy multiple items.  Lets say for example you want two outfits (listed at $1 each) and a puzzle $2 and a toy $2.  That would cost $6 total so I may ask if they would take it for $4 or $5.  I would say 90% of the time people say yes, sometimes they say no and its awkward, but you move on or still take there price because regardless it’s a good deal.  You normally end up getting something free from it.

One time I was buying an adorable gap dress for May.  It was $3 but I was also buying some other onesies from the man as well.  I asked if he would take $2 (3 was still a good deal as it was in amazing shape and I knew gap clothes would last a while). He looked at me and said ‘You can’t afford it.”  Instead of saying, “oh yes that’s fine because lets face it I could I just didn’t want to pay the extra.  I was silent haha.  In the silence he said fine and took it.  The art of negotiation- and painfully akward moments. haha


Think and plan ahead. 

This past Spring garage sales are everywhere.  May had a pretty good summer wardrobe but thinking ahead she didn’t have many fall and winter clothes.  I predicted her clothing size and bought some warmer clothes- including a winter jacket and boots for her.  I estimate for 4-5 pair of shoes, boots, winter coat, 5-6 pants, a few dresses, and quite a few shirts I spent around $20-30.  Sometimes you can’t buy one outfit for that!

Use for Future Birthday’s/Christmases

I have a bin in the basement that I set aside for my garage sale purchases.  On a rainy or extra long day I may pull out a new toy.  I also save some for her birthday and Christmas.  May is too young to know the difference between brand new and used-and on top of that many of the toys I find are in almost brand new condition.

Crazy coupe was $4- brand new is $47!


Host a Garage Sale- Sell things on-line- Craigs list, facebook groups, etc.

Sam and I had our first garage sale a few weekends ago.  I was so surprised at how busy and well it went.  We got rid of quite a bit of stuff.  I learned that weekend, “another mans trash is another mans treasure.”

We’ve sold some pretty big items on craigs list, and just recently I started selling more things on facebook groups.  It’s a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need anymore  and yet make some money.

Borrow from friends/family when able

Certain baby items we knew we would only need for a few months so we borrowed them.


Use coupon app on your smartphone-

Sometimes I forget coupons at home but its nice having my phone to pull up any coupons.  Many stores are doing electronic ones and its easy to just scan right from your phone.


Watch for good Groupon offers!

Groupon and Living Social always have some good deals on places to visit, restaurants, etc.

Cloth Diaper

I know this isn’t for everyone, and it is extra work- but it does save money!  Here is my post on cloth diapering.

How do you save money?  Please share your tips!!

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Vitamins During Pregnancy



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New Bedroom Makeover

For Mothers Day my wonderful hubby let me do a mini room makeover in our bedroom.  Our bedspread and curtains before were very dark and wanted something to brighten the room!

Here is before:



photo(106) photo(105)Not 100% done but making progress.  I still need a few more pillows too!

Bedding and curtains are from Target!


Love these prints you can get from naptimediaries.com!  She makes beautiful scripture prints!  I love this verse as a good reminder every morning!

Healthy Digestion- How to build a healthy gut naturally

Many Americans suffer from a wide range of digestive disorders — from Acid Reflux, or GERD, (affects 100 million Americans) Irritable Bowel Disease (affects 1 out of 5 Americans), Gas, Bloating, Irregularity, Diverticulitis, etc. As I have spent more time attending health conferences, researching, reading, and spending time listening to the Nutritionist on our team help other people- I have learned a great deal about the importance of getting our gut healthy.

If you are like me and have suffered from one of these, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be- especially having to RUN to the bathroom PRONTO!!  Random story- one time I had to use the bathroom so bad and of course we were driving in the middle of nowhere.  I stopped into a little ice cream shop and asked to use the bathroom.  She asked if I was buying anything??!  Geesh!  Sometimes you just have to go!  Regardless I was able to go, and was forced to buy some ice cream! :0  Thankfully by diet and supplement changes, my digestion and urgency to use the bathroom has improved greatly.  Sam’s has too!  (check out some testimonies at the end).


A few facts about our gut…

80% of our immune system is in our gut.  By getting our gut realigned it helps boost our immune system that can improve symptoms experienced throughout our body like asthma and allergies (even autism).  If you have never heard about the GAPS diet read here to learn more about how changes in diet and supplementation can help improve children with psychological conditions!

“Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome or GAPS)™ is a condition which establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain. This term was created by Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition) in 2004 after working with hundreds of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD⁄ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive –compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric problems.” (source)

There’s an old saying that goes, “death begins in the colon”. Keeping the colon clean helps keep bad bacteria in check and allows good bacteria to flourish. Good bacteria must be in the colon to restore good health (see probiotics below).

Some scientist even call our gut our “second brain!”

This is a great article to read about how symptoms in our body (such as autoimmune diseases, headaches, not being able to lose weight- are  often treated by healing the gut!! You must read this!!  Here is a section of what the article says,

“In the West our increased use of vaccinations and antibiotics and enhancements in hygiene have lead to health improvements for many. Yet these same factors have dramatically changed the ecosystem of bugs in our gut, and this has a broad impact on health that is still largely unrecognized.

There are trillions of bacteria in your gut and they collectively contain at least 100 times as many genes as you do. The bacterial DNA in your gut outnumbers your own DNA by a very large margin. This bacterial DNA controls immune function, regulates digestion and intestinal function, protects against infections, and even produces vitamins and nutrients.

When the balance of bacteria in your gut is optimal this DNA works for you to great effect. For example, some good bacteria produce short chain fatty acids. These healthy fats reduce inflammation and modulate your immune system. Bad bugs, on the other hand, produce fats that promote allergy and asthma, eczema and inflammation throughout your body.”


A new study in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice shows that microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal tract form an intricate, living fabric of natural controls affecting body weight, energy, and nutrition. The findings may offer new ideas on how to treat nutrition-related maladies, including obesity and a range of serious health consequences linked to under-nutrition, the scientists said.

Often times realigning the gut can help clear up symptoms throughout the whole body.

 The factors that cause an unhealthy gut are…

Candida.  Candida effects a lot of woman!  Some symptoms include being tired, depressed, headaches, migranes, and irritanbility.  75% of women have had a yeast problem at some point in their lives.

Yeast is a natural part of our skin, intestines, and for women (vagina), but often eating unhealthy foods, antibiotics, stress, toxins in the environment, and certain medications causes yeast to overgrow.  For some people it gets so bad that it can cause leaky gut- and leak out into the rest of your body.  There have even been links to mental illness and being caused from leaky gut entering in the bloodstream and traveling to the brain.

(info taken from here)

To read more about candida check out this document: candida.

Shaklee provides amazing supplements to help heal the gut- probiotics, garlic, and multivitamin to help detoxic and get rid of the yeast).

Acidic Environment- As we all know, our bodies are composed of mostly water.  We can measure the level of acid in our bodies using a PH scale.  A lot of sickness can be traced back to an acidic environment- caused by eating acidic producing foods- pop, sugar, meats, refined carbs, etc.  A body that has a proper PH balance allows good health/ immune system, and protection against diseases.  Having too much acid in our bodies leads to a variety of health complications.


*Antibiotics and medications– these kill the good bacteria in your gut causing digestive issues.·

*Lack of probiotics.. (the natural healthy friendly bacteria essential to the gut),

* Acid-suppressing medications

*Undigested & partially digested food, especially certain proteins, (because you are not breaking down your food properly)

* Wheat and genetically-modified grains (see Wheat Belly by William Davis,)   Diary is also often hard for the majority of people to digest.  Wheat Belly talks about how wheat has changed DRASTICALLY over the years and is no longer the same as what it once was- wheat is modified and changed creating lots of issues in our bodies- especially with inflammation.  Inflammation leads to so many problems we have- arthritis, allergies, asthma, etc.

  * Sugar and refined carbohydrates

How to Built a Healthy Gut 

Eat more alkaline foods (lots of veggies- alfalfa!)  Ideal diet — Increase  vegetables  (6 to 9 a day) reduce or eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates (bread, salty snacks). If intestines are particularly inflamed or damaged, may want to start with cooked vegetables and soups.  Also many of my customers have benefited greatly from being on supplements- especially probiotics.

Optiflora Probiotic—Optiflora is also essential for the immune system because 80% of immunity resides in the gut. Helps prevent lower intestinal gas, bloating, irregularity, etc. Important to take after an antibiotic.

*Shaklees triple encapsulation to withstand the acidtic environment of the stomach- many probiotics are killed too quickly and are thus ineffective.

164419_151885111641685_1320628051_nGarlic- Helps kill candida!  Garlic is traditionally used for its anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.  People often take it to reduce symptoms of allergy, asthma, colds, flu, sinus infections, yeast infections, diarrhea and flatulence.  It also has heart protective properties of lowering elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels! (Cooking garlic kills all the good properties- it needs to be raw!)


Protein-Meal Shakes-They provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals, and they’re a rich source of calcium and an excellent source of protein — the fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy.

Alfalfa– Great for digestion, Alkaline food, Many fruits/veggies average 1-10 units Alkaline, Alfalfa is 130 alkaline units! Great for chronic indigestion, ulcers, acid reflux, and constipation!

Mighty Smarts — fish oil capsules… not only are Omega 3 Fatty acids good for the heart and circulation, they significantly reduce inflammation … which often occurs in the intestines causing gas, bloating, pain, irregularity.

Herb-Lax– An original Dr. Shaklee formula, Herb-Lax contains an enhanced prioprientary blend, including Senna leaf, which has been used for thousands of years as a natural laxative, plus other complementary herbs.

Stomach Soothing Complex —Great natural alternative to tums!!   A combination of herbs peppermint and ginger that relieve queasy stomach and motion sickness… and soothe a nervous stomach- great for morning sickness.


A friend’s daughter was on miralax and struggled so often to poop that they even had to do enemas periodically!! After 2 days of being on shaklee probiotics she was had normal poops!


I had a customer suffering from serious GI issues. It all started from having some pretty intense stomach pain/cramps and they were only able to have a bm (bowel movement) once every four days! Well, after a couple of months of this, they broke down and went to the doctor and he gave them a list of over the counter probiotics to try (see pic) .  After several weeks of this not helping, at all, they went back to the doctor. They did an x-ray and found that their intestines were 50% backed up, yes… 50%!!! So, the doctor then wrote them two prescriptions for probiotics and sent them on their way. Another two weeks passed and they still had very little relief. Their doctor then suggested that they schedule an appointment with a GI specialist to have further tests done, including an endoscopy, no fun!!  In the mean time, I told them about Shaklee’s “Optiflora Probiotic” (in the bottom picture. good things come in small packages :)) which, unlike other probiotics that may disintegrate too early and never make it to the lower intestine, Optiflora’s triple encapsulated, seamless capsule is guaranteed to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach to deliver live beneficial bacteria to the intestine. They decided to try it, thank goodness!!  After 4 days…. no more pain and is now able to have a bm, everyday!! Yet another reason why I love Shaklee!!!

-Elisabeth B.

I have IBS, doc found I have two loop d loops in large intestines, probably genetic. Doctor was very surprised that I can keep any problems under control. Use probiotic, Shaklee180 smoothee in the a.m. and EZgest for anything I know causes issues. Very few problems. The 180 smoothees help a lot. Sometimes I double up on the probiotic too.


About a month ago I let you know that Stephanie’s disease had flared again and that the fistula in her colon had opened. The doctor’s gave her two options: surgery or try one more strong drug that has side affects and is very expensive. I had been researching natural alternatives for a few months and had found Shaklee food supplements as a possible way to help Stephanie without the drastic measure the doctors wanted to take. I had Stephanie listen to some testimonies of others with crohn’s disease that had chosen to try the Shaklee food supplements and had fantastic results. Together Stephanie and I decided we have to try these before anything else. We had her blood work done, and her white and red blood cell count is fine. She is a little anemic. But what is amazing is a month ago her CRT protein count which shows inflammation was at 180 way high. Today that count was 70 just above normal. All this in just 30 days of good natural supplements (not synthetic vitamins). We are so happy we have found a more natural way to heal and restore health to Stephanie.


If you would like any additional information on Crones, acid reflux, irritable bowl, etc. I have a bunch of documents I can send you!  Please let me know how I can help! katie.odom09@gmail.com