16-17 Months

photo(69)   IMG_3800         photo(63) Its been a while since I have last updated on May!  So here is our 16- almost 17 month update!  Wow almost 1 ½ years Old!!

She loves hoarding tons of food in her mouth. If I give her something she loves she will stuff as much of it in her mouth at once.  And keep it in there for long periods of time.  It’s Lovely….


She is very cautious with lots of things.  She was extremely  terrified of dogs, but I think is coming around to them more! 🙂


As soon as I brush my teeth she wants to brush hers.  And then will carry it around with her for the next 30 minutes and who knows where the toothbrush ends up?  Think I need to buy her a new one!

CECE loves hugging and kissing May! She is so affectionate to her!  Giving her tons of hugs!




I’ve noticed recently her independence has definitely changed quite a bit in her ability to entertain and play with herself.  Sometimes when she is quiet it used to mean “oh no what is she into” and now it is that she is happily playing or reading a book.  (She still gets into things- but its different).

Food wise she continues to LOVE FRUIT.  She is starting to like foods again that she wouldn’t touch around 1 year again so I’m loving that- broccoli and tomatoes being some of them!  I just keep offering food over and over again and some days she loves it other days she doesn’t want it.


You can all see her hair is continuing to grow like crazy!

She has started to LOVE stuffed animals and carrying around them everywhere.  Her favorites are this stuffed animal dog she got in Florida, talking Elmo, and this tiny horse and cat from her barn toys from Sara and Steve for Christmas.  Sara- she carries these around with her everywhere!



She is really understanding how to use a phone.  We were recently facetiming with Sam and May proceeded to take the phone away from me and start talking with Sam in complete gibberish.  She went on and on “baheheha aseahe abekake” talking away. It was adorable.  However she also likes to “End” calls on facetime as well so we are still working on not hanging up on people.


She loves going on long walks.  She once walked ½ mile with my mom! Crazy huh?  When we go to a store she loves getting down and exploring everywhere!  Sam and her occasionally go to the Y together when I have to work, and she will walk around the track there several times!

photo(55)And she loves pushing her stroller.


SHE LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside.  In fact it is extremely difficult to get her to come back in the house after we are outside without either many tears or some screaming.  Oh and walking with her is very hard when our neighborhood has so many swings.  She points out each swing and wants to go on them!  Lauren was clever and bough her this water table for her birthday!  It was nice to get some summer things with her birthday and Christmas both being in the winter.  Thanks Laur!



Her new favorite obsession is Elmo.  She has this little elmo that we got at a resale that she carries around with her everywhere.  If you push back the head it talks- kind of creepy.  She loves calling elmo, “mel mo.”  Best $2 spent.

She can count a little and say a few ABC’s.  My favorite new word she says is “salsa.”  She will also say “amen” whenever she eats something she really loves.  bahah cracks me up.

I can tell she has gotten taller because things on tables she can now reach that are quite high- I had a yogurt container on the kitchen counter thinking it was out of her reach and she grabbed it!    She had her last Doctor appointment at 15 months and the Doctor noticed a huge growth spurt- putting her in the 80%!


Very excited for this summer- lots of walks, pool, trips to parks/zoos, and special trips planned!  And of course we all know that I love garage sale season!  So far we have scored some clothes, toys, this piano she loved, the crazy coupe above, and some books!

- Copy

Love ya Muf (short for Muford- one of her many nicknames ;))

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