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Free Shipping from Shaklee ends tonight!

If you have ever wanted to try one of the 4 product lines Shaklee has to offer now is the time! Shaklee is offering FREE SHIPPING until tonight!


To read more about Shaklee’s nutrition line check out this post.

I switched to Shaklee supplements for three major reasons:

1.  There are no synthetic chemicals, binders, fillers or anything else that can not be used by our body.  Also, Shaklee does 350 tests on each raw ingredient used in its products for pesticides, heavy metals, fungicides and any other harmful substance to ensure their products are safe.  Overall, Shaklee conducts 80,000 quality tests every year. And none of those tests are on animals.

2.  They preform clinical testing to show they work

When compared to other brands of supplements, Shaklee supplement users were:

— 73% less likely to have diabetes.

— 67% less likely to have experienced heart failure.

— 38% less likely to have high blood pressure.

— When over 65 years old, Shaklee users had an average of 0.6 prescriptions filled compared to the average of 19 (for Medicare Patients over 65) within the most recent year…(Landmark study)

3.  They are bioavailable- (did you know many vitamins don’t get absorb into our bodies?)  Just check out this x-ray for proof!  Shaklee has a special S.M.A.R.T. system to ensure your body breaks down and uses the nutrients it needs!


We have a variety of supplements ranging from childrens to prenatal vitamins.   Some really great Stress relief products, digestion, and heart health. I was just chatting with my cousin about how amazing our Sports Line is- great for working out and recovery!


Weight loss management Program


Join us in doing a 180 in their health.  Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or a hundred- this program is for you!  Check out this video for me info.

Cleaning products- Check out My cleaning posts


Shaklee cleaning products are all non-toxic (safe for your precious family), work better than many leading brands, and save you $200 a year from how concentrated and long they last.

Whether you are looking to change your dish soap or detergent (some of the most toxic chemicals in your kitchen that your family ingests everyday from the plates they eat off of), laundry detergentBasic H (it does cleans pretty much anything!), or amazing water filter!

How you save money switching to the Get Clean line:


Healthy Beauty:


I do not highlight their beauty line enough.  There products have helped people become blemish free, have softer skin, and even helped this burn victim.  Give your skin the nutrient it needs.  I have loved using the skin care line and my skin has never felt so soft and NOT DRY this winter!



To hear more about Shaklee, I will be co-hosting 3 events the next few weeks!  Let me know

For those who are local and would like to attend an event:

Monday, April 15th, 7pm, Saint Charles (west – near Campton Hills) – Shaklee 180 Event. Whether you need to lose a significant amount of weight or are just looking to maintain a healthy diet, Shaklee 180 can help! Shaklee 180 is the safest, most effective, and cost-efficient weight management system on the market. Come to this event to learn more and sample some of the Shaklee 180 products!

Location: Email me for info

Saturday, April 20th, 9:30am, Saint Charles (near downtown Saint Charles) – Health Beauty Event. Everyone wants glowing, blemish-free skin and thick silky hair! Or perhaps your skin/scalp needs some relief from the dry harsh winter! Come to this event to learn natural beauty solutions for common ailments such as dry skin, acne, wrinkles, lifeless locks, thinning hair, etc. Antioxidant-packed dark chocolate will most definitely be served.

Location: Email me for info

Monday, April 22nd, 9:30am, Maple Park – Earth Day Event. Learn more about eco-friendly products that won’t break the bank, such as green cleaning supplies, organic supplements, and more! (P.S. – this is a kid friendly event and will include a special “earth day project” kiddos are welcome to participate in). Green smoothees and green treats will be served!

Location: Email me for info


To order:  (Copy and paste for some reason wordpress doesn’t let me link my website!)

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