Allergies and Asthma


Spring is in the air which for many people means one thing is coming….ALLERGIES!

As someone who has struggled with allergies, I feel the pain of having a non stop stuffy nose, itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, the list goes on.  I’ve been tested for allergies and pretty much tested positive for everything you can think of…grass, mold, dust, cats, dogs, trees, pollen, the list goes on!  Last year was one of the worst allergy seasons for me and also hardest because I could not take anything (due to breastfeeding).  Thankfully, I have found great relief with Shaklee products and so have many of my family and friends have too (check out some testimonies below).


A three-fold approach is what we recommend when combating allergies:

  1. Strengthen the immune system (see below)
  2. Avoid products that could aggravate allergy and sinus conditions such as certain foods and cleaning products.  Many cleaning products not only irritate the skin, but their odors can aggravate upper respiratory problems.  Fragrance is a huge source of irritation for allergy suffers.  Fragrance is found in a ton of products, just see below.
  3. Change your diet.  Diary, gluten, and sugar are a huge source of complications for the majority of people.  Simply eliminating these three things and adding in more fruits and vegetables can play a huge role in your health!  Diary and gluten adds lots of mucus and often causes people who have allergies to suffer worst symptoms.  And we all know how harmful sugar is, but it weakens our immune system.


How to Strengthen the Immune System?

Sustained Release Vita-C

For continuous antioxidant protection against environmental assaults, this unique all natural sustained formula slowly releases Vitamin C into your blood stream over a 5-hour period and provides nutrients from the entire Vitamin C complex including bioflavonoids.  Vitamin C has been found to protect against smog, poor diet, stress, bruising, varicose and spider veins, chronic infection, allergies, asthma, cold, flu, swollen glands, anemia, colon polyps, and slow healing.

Vitamin C, E, and B Complex are the most vitamin deficiencies and Selenium and Magnesium are the most common mineral deficiencies.


Developed and extensively tested by immunologist in Japan, this proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds.  Nutriferon supports and stimulates the immune system by increasing the activity of macrophages (white blood cells) and inducing natural interferon products. It optimizes the body’s immune response against environmental irritants and airborne substances (as with allergies and asthma).  Completely safe- no adverse reactions to these plant extracts recorded.

Check this out to hear more 


You can read more about that here!

With deep roots extending 10 to 20 feet into the soil, this amazing plant is rich in trace minerals and protein plus contains 8 digestive enzymes.  Recognized as a natural anti-histamine, allergy sufferers report good results from take 3 to 4 of the little compressed sun-dried leaf tablets…containing no pesticide, fungicides, growth regulators, or synthetic hormones.  Other popular uses for alfalfa are swelling, pain and stiff joints, ulcers, stomach ailments, hiatal hernia, water retention, grout, body odor, and bad breath!


Scientist now believe 70% of the immune system is located in the gut…a good place to start to strengthen the immune system against allergic reactions.  There appears to be a surprising correlation between symptoms of upper respiratory congestion and sinus discomfort due to poor elimination in the lower intestine.  This is often associate with an overgrowth of Candida yeast organisms.  An increasing number of Americans suffer from Candida when the essential friendly microbes Nature intended to reside in our intestines get destroyed by medications such as antibiotics, steroid based drugs (e.g. asthma medications), oral contraceptives, and more.  Couple this with a diet culture so entrenched in sweets, breads, baked goods, chips, and snacks that are the favorite foods of the Candida organisms.

Start with the Optiflora probiotic capsule….a patented technology that allows the very fragile probiotics to pass through the highly acidic stomach protected by a triple encapsulation so they arrive at exactly the right location in the lower intestines.

Reducing Toxins in our environment!

Make sure you are using non-toxic cleaners in your home.  By simply switching to Shaklee’s Get Clean line many customers have found their allergies/asthma improve greatly.  Many detergents as well as other household cleaners cause asthma-like conditions…did you know chlorine is a major offender?  Simply changing laundry detergents can also help clear up skin issues including eczema.

If you or someone you know has allergies and would like to set up a 3 way call with the Nutritionist on our team to learn more about natural solutions to allergies and asthma let me know! You have nothing to lose- all products are 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Now is the time to prepare your body before you are miserable!

Allergy/Asthma Offer: Purchase $50 of any of the following products I talked about and get FREE H2!

Purchase $100- Get Free h2 with Spray Bottles!

486352_155756487921214_1220341073_nA Few Testimonies:

I had struggled with allergies for 15 years, and it seemed like the symptoms grew worse every year. Soon the Claritin I took every day during warmer months wasn’t enough. I started taking Zyrtec – a much stronger medication – every day, even in the winter. Without it, my eyes and nose itched and breathing was more difficult.  To make matters worse, my son also dealt with severe allergies. Even though he got allergy shots for two years, he still had to take Zyrtec and nasal spray year-round just to make going outside bearable.  Seeing the side effects listed on the bottle, such as drowsiness to the point where it’s dangerous to drive was especially alarming! I was desperate for a solution, so I started doing some research. It was surprising to find that allergies are actually caused in part by a weakened immune system, according to Raymond Francis, an MIT-trained scientist and author of “Never Be Sick Again.”After making some very simple changes to my family’s lifestyle, both my and my son’s allergies went away for good. By two months, I was off all my allergy medications, and by four months, my son was off all of his medications too! I honestly couldn’t believe how easy it was

Susan K.

My son used to get skin reactions whenever he had diary, after he was on the shaklee supplements for several months his allergies/asthma improved so much.  He can now even have diary (in moderation) back in his diet!

Kim G.

I have been taking Alfalfa and NutriFeron for my allergies and asthma and have been symptom free since last summer!

-Lisa G.

I take Alfalfa and NutriFeron. Got me off 4 meds and shots. Have to increase alfalfa on really bad days.
Kristina Y.
My husband finally gave in to my suggestions about taking Alfalfa before he goes out to mow our lawn. I take a lot of Alfalfa for sinus aid as well as for general health. My husband used to have such a horrible time with the 2-1/2 acres of grass, weed, etc that he often had to stop and finish the next day or two. He takes Nutriferon and many other supplements each morning. Now he takes 10 Alfalfa just before he goes out to mow. He no longer has problems with those allergies.
Cheryl L.
I have been asthma free for the last 7yrs. Get clean products are wonderful. Vitalizer, Nutiferon,and alfafa has helped with my seasonal allergies. No sinus infections in the last 2 years. I will have a flair up if we get to much rain (plant mold) I increase the alfalfa.
Barbara O.

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