Florida was AMAZING!  Why do we live in the cold tundra again?  IMG_3628Someone please remind me!  I think going someplace warm during out winter is so refreshing because we are not used to being outside, seeing the sun, or wearing flip flops.  But what I found even more amazing was how much Malayna and Cece loved the warm weather!


The girls did great on the plane and both slept.  Entertaining a toddler on the airplane is quite the task- but we were prepared with lots of snacks, ipad with games, and toys!  Its a lot more work entertaining a toddler than a baby on a plane!

Sam had a conference in Tampa, and after several discussions with the family decided to all go down together.  We got a house close to the beach in Clearwater- a perfect location.  The weather all week was in the 70’s.

We enjoyed lots of beach time…


photo(31) photo(25) photo(24) photo(16)It was such a blessing to be able to be on vacation with Grandma and the Breedens.  It truly felt like a vacation to have some extra hands around 🙂 IMG_3750 IMG_3711 IMG_3607 IMG_3596 IMG_3575

We took lots of long walks everyday!

photo(30) photo(18)


Went swimming in our giant hotub.  This thing was MASSIVE!!


The boys went fishing on this beautiful dock surrounded by all these beautiful cranes, pelicans and birds!photo(33) photo(32) photo(29) photo(28) photo(27)

We ate some amazing food!



Played at the park…

photo(26)photo(35)photo(32) Saw Hulk Holgan…True story just your typcially holk spotting in Clearwater….He’s a lot bigger in person! Wowza! photo(22)Even got a date night in!

526397_745491079356_1231387532_nI am so anxious for warm weather to get here!  So much more fun with little ones!

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