14 Months

photo(14)14 Months….Almost 15 months!

Here are some of the highlights from the past few months….

She has learned to climb down stairs!


She said her first sentence “I get down”….although not complete I will take it.  She loves to go in her drawer and get “socks”.  And she repeats “socks” over and over again-she also calls shoes socks :).   Her new favorite  words are Down, Cece, Duck, amen, nah nahs, nigh night, belly, thank you (which sounds more like dank you), and my new favorite is the way she babbles/sings brown bear brown bear.  Just today I sung “clean up clean up everybody everywhere,” and she repeated clean up clean up! I couldn’t believe it??  I have no idea where she gets all her talking from? hehe 😉


She has gotten a few more teeth.  She has 4 on top and 2 on the bottom.


She loves to close doors! Everytime we go upstairs she has to shut all the doors.  She loves going in a room and shutting the door behind her.  Oh boy I fear for the teenage years.

IMG_3506May, “No Cece you keep out, I am mad at you for taking my puffs…”

Cece, “What I do?”


We had so much fun on our trip to Florida and the weather was glorious, such a nice break from the cold.  More pictures to come!  Her and Cecelia played great the whole week and were such troopers with whatever we did!  We had some amazing weather and enjoyed long walks and some beach time!


She loves playing with daddys helicopter.  She has a love hate relationship with it.  She gets scared, but also wants more when he stops flying it.


After struggling to adjust to the kidzone at the YMCA (she hated it and would cry when I left her) she finally is doing well!  It was so hard dropping her off knowing she was crying the whole time.  We are starting our first Toddler Class at the Y, that includes physical activity, playing and music!  We shall see how it goes!

She loves to come sit down on your lap and read books or just sit.

She is beginning to understand and pick up on more and more.  The day I asked her to go get her socks and sure enough she did! I have to remember she understands a lot more than I think!


Since around 1 year old, her eating has become more picky.   She will have great days where she eats a ton and is not picky and the next not wanting to eat much!  She used to LOVE LOVE avocado and broccoli and now hates it :(.  I keep offering it to her and hopefully her love will come back!  She always LOVES fruit though so at least I know she is getting enough of that 🙂

I am noticing she is become more independent in play as she happily plays with her toys.  Sometimes she wants to explore everything and other times stay right in my lap.


She LOVES being outside.  With the weather being so cold it was such a treat to go down to Florida.  She was afraid of the water though!


Going to the store has been rather hard at this age.  She hates being strapped in the cart and I often have to bribe her with food to keep her happy.  Errands have become way more difficult. I am hoping it is a stage thing and this will eventually pass.  She is just one busy girl and does not like to be sitting in a cart for very long!

Each stage gets more fun, and I love hearing her talk!

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