What I give Malayna for childrens supplements

Several of you have asked what I give Malayna for vitamins so I thought I would do a blog post on it!  First it’s important to understand that Shaklee supplements are truly different than what you can buy at the store.  They are always safe (100,000 annual tests to ensure no harmful ingredients in them), and always work (clinically proven and tested).  One reason I switched over my vitamins was the strong science behind the products (more info on them here).  Especially after researching and hearing about how many vitamins are synthetic and or natural but altered.

Three Types of Vitamins:

1.         Synthetic

2.         Natural/Altered

3.         Natural/Unaltered

1. Synthetic Vitamins are chemically produced in a lab to mirror the real thing. You body does not even recognize it as real because it is a chemical and therefore these are actually MORE harmful to take than nothing at all!

2. Natural/Altered Vitamins start our real, but after all the processing, the live enzymes are killed and you end up with a vitamin that has little nutritional value and, a lot of times, added binders and fillers.  This is worth repeating: By FDA standards a company is allowed to slap ALL-NATURAL on its label if it has only 10% natural ingredients! In other words, don’t be fooled by the label! Make sure you can find the research to PROVE it will do what it claims on the bottle.

3. Natural/Unaltered Vitamins are grown from whole food sources and is cold processed to keep the enzymes alive (Shaklee’s)

The three supplements May takes EVERY DAY are:


Increadivites- Childrens Multivitamin

Why a Multivitamin?

-23 essential nutrients- most comprehensive

-Contains lactoferrin- boost immune system

-Build strong bones- calcium 200mg and vita d 600 IU

-To ensure they are getting 100% of the RDA

*More info found on this blog post

Comparison of children vitamins here


2. Mighty Smarts:

100 MGM DHA- essential for early brain development

Supports memory, mind skills and concentration

Promotes eye health

Benefits of dha without the fish taste

Delicious citrus flavored chews

Organic, kosher, and gluten free

Probiotic (About once every 2 days)


-70-80% of immune system is in your gut- great supplement to strengthen the immune system. Probiotics are especially important for a child who has ever been on  an antibiotic or steroid-based medications(common with asthma). These medications kill off much of these essential “friendly microbes” that live in the lower intestine.  Without adequate amounts of these microbes, research now shows the body is more susceptible to infection (especially sinus and upper respiratory )  because 70% of the immune system resides in the intestines.

For extra immunity- when she is around sick kiddos or seems to be coming down with something…

Chewable Vitamin-C

Reduces severity of colds and flus

Helpful in chronic ear infections- natural antibiotic

Helps wounds heal

An immune stimulant

Stress increases the need

Destroyed by medication

Alfalfa (Great for teething, extra nutrients, or for stuffy/sick kiddos)


-Natural anti-histamine/ anti-inflammatory

-Naturally detoxifies, digestive aid, decongestant *

-Contains a wide spectrum of trace minerals, which are increasingly difficult to get in our diet today.

-Deep roots extending 10 to 20 feet into the soil, this plant is rich in trace minerals and protein plus 8 digestive enzymes.

-Loaded with vitamins and minerals (Including U which is very rare found in cabbage)

-High in protein – alfalfa has 18.9% as compared to beef at 16.5%, milk at 3.3% and eggs at 13.1%. (Muscles are composed of protein and the lack of it results in fatigue and weakness.)

When sick….

Defend and Resist

Echinacea purpurea to stimulate the body’s natural resistance, black elderberry to help maintain a healthy immune response, and larch tree to enhance immune support.




Contains MACH*, a patented blend of interferon-boosting plant extracts (500 mg) and a Shaklee exclusive. This proprietary blend of natural plant extracts is derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds, which have been clinically proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response process at the cellular level.

The great thing about all these?

I don’t have to worry- is it safe or ok to give to her- I know it is!

Shaklee supplements are made from food and are used in our body just like food is. There are no synthetic chemicals, binders, fillers or anything else that can not be used by our body.  Also, Shaklee does 350 tests on each raw ingredient used in its products for pesticides, heavy metals, fungicides and any other harmful substance to ensure their products are safe.  Shaklee users also report their children getting sick less often and for a shorter duration of time.

I can tell a HUGE difference in Malayna’s health since going on the supplements.  She has been around a lot of sick kids, traveled on airplanes, and has stayed healthy this past winter!  Many of my friends/family report the same thing when their kids go on the supplements.  When I break down the cost, the vitamins are also very affordable AND Malayna LOVES the taste!


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