Preparing for Baby

Preparing for baby….

A few tips I learned along the way to help transition after having a baby.  I have lots more to learn, and only experience with one, so feel free to add any I forgot!

Meal Registry….This was one of the biggest and best blessings after having May.  As many of you know preparing a meal after you have a baby is out of the question.  I had a amazing family and many friends who brought us meals those first few weeks which was incredible blessing.

Sticking with the meal theme.  It is really nice to also have snacks delivered- trail mix, bars, things to much on because as you nurse you are SO HUNGRY and are eating constantly.   Sara brought us a bunch of Trader Joes goodies that were great to have.  I just remember having such a strong appetite after May was born and eating everything in site.  Perhaps it was because I spent 10 months with very little appetite and nauseated and that finally left me! 🙂 Its was nice to have some fast- snacks!


Call your friends. I texted or called a lot of friends those first few weeks to ask questions- especially nursing related.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Enlist lactation nurses.  I can not suggests this enough.  I know not every momma wants to breastfeed, but if you do- make sure you know where you can go to get help.  If you live in this area I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Jenn and Judy at Kish Hospital.  They have a whole breastfeeding support center you can go to (free of cost) to get help with breastfeeding.  I know many breastfeed with no issues, but for me this was so critical!


Research a Pediatrician/Family Doctor beforehand.  This was something I didn’t really think about until after I had May. Thankfully my good friend Kim had a wonderful family doctor that we absolutely LOVE!
Schedule a massage or hair cut.  Or perhaps both?!  After you have a baby I felt so frumpy and unattractive- I am sure smelling like baby spit up, and having milk dripping everywhere didn’t help.  I remember going in for a hair cut with the lovely Miss. Renee and feeling so much better!  Even just going to the store and picking out a new shirt can help make you feel a little more attractive, and less like you haven’t slept in weeks 😉


Take Shifts.  My husband would often go to bed super early (8pm) and I would take 8pm-5am and then he would take over.  Often May would still be sleeping but it was nice to spend a few hours not having to listen for her.  Sam would take her sleeping in his office while he worked from 5am-9/10am.  This wasn’t every day and I do understand many don’t have husbands who work from home, but don’t try to do it all on your own- especially those first few weeks!

Enlist grandparents.  We have such great grandparents on both sides who LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch and care for May!  It has been such a blessing for them both to watch May so that Sam and I could go out and do something together or meet up with  friend.  Those first few months I would actually go spend the night at my moms so Sam could get a full nights rest without having to hear from May.  My mom would take May and only bring her to me when she needed to be fed.  May took a LONG time to adjust to sleeping at night- often would be up for a few hours here and there so this was such a blessing and I always felt like I slept so long and hard when I dind’t have to worry about hearing her.

Spend some quality date nights together before the baby comes.


Recover with good nutrition– it can make a big difference in how you feel.  There is lots I can say about proper supplementation- especially with nursing moms, so email me if you want more information (   Vitalizer is the powerful and convenient approach to complete supplementation providing the best spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics all in one daily serving.  You would have to eat all of the goods below to get the vitamins and nutrients available in one vitalizer strip!  Crazy huh!  I also strongly recommend Shaklee’s muscle recovery drink- Physique.  It works to rebuilds muscle and helps muscles recover—from a work out or surgery or labor. I know of doctors who have surgery patients take it after their surgery to help with the recovery.  One of my friends used it after delivering and is confident in made a huge difference in her recovery.


 I HEARD recently as a shower gift someone gave them a cleaning service.  What a great gift for a new momma!

Try and prep and prepare as much as possible before baby comes, but realize it will never all get done!  I tried really hard to get all my Christmas  and birthday shopping done beforehand.  Think ahead to the first three months post baby and try to get all the birthday gifts, errands, run, clothed, washed, etc. all set and ready so you have nothing to worry about except taking care of your sweet little one.

Rent some good movies.  Those first few weeks you sometimes nurse every 1-2 hours for 40 minutes at a time- watch a good movie, relax, and get some rest.  I love $1 redbox movies!

Don’t schedule anything for that first month you are gone- just enjoy the baby!

Looking back I wish I would have napped more when May napped.  I was horrible at this, and don’t know how I managed to function with so little sleep. I often stayed up really late because between 9-11pm would sometimes be a hard time for May.  I should have napped more looking back.

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