Shaklee180: Take your health in a whole new direction!

It is finally here…Shaklee180! !!


Excited for my family/friends who are beginning the Shaklee180 program!! Not only are they losing weight but they are doing it in a healthy way! Getting to a healthy weight makes a difference in your all-around health.

For only $3 they are getting as much protein as 4 eggs, as much fiber as 1 cup of broccoli, 1 cup or cauliflower, 1 cup of pineapple, as much calcium as 2 cups of milk, as much vitamin D as 10 oz of tuna, and as much leucine as 5-oz chicken breast.


On conventional diets, up to 40% of the weight you lose could be muscle. Leucine is an essential amino acid that signals your body to retain muscle, so you lose the right kind of weight (FAT). An essential amino acid is a protein that must be taken in through diet because it cannot be made by the human body. Leucine can also lower elevated blood sugar levels and is necessary in promoting the healing of bones, skin, and muscle tissue.

This is quite possibly the last weight-loss program you’ll ever need

Did you know the average American attempts 4 diets every year!!??

Other weight-loss programs may help you lose weight, but Shaklee 180™ is designed to help you lose the right kind of weight and learn how to keep it off. With products that help you burn fat while you retain muscle, Shaklee 180 includes personalized support, online tools, and amazing rewards to motivate your success. Because it’s not just about going from before to after. It’s about getting all the way to your happily ever after-after.

Here is how it works….

The first 90 days are spent losing the weight.  The second 90 days are spent keeping it off.

To begin (for those wanting to lose weight):

The first is the Turn Around Kit

turnaround_kitOver $395 Retail Value

Lose Weight

Go from before to after with clinically tested weight loss products** – and a program designed to burn fat, not muscle. This customizable two-meal kit delivers a complete program of smoothees, snacks, energizing tea and metabolic boost* – along with access to exclusive tools and rewards.

Each customizable Turnaround Kit includes:

1. Two healthy meals a day, Energizing Tea, and healthy snacks, in your choice of flavors PLUS Metabolic Boost*.

2. Free personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools ($9.95 month/value)

3. Access to the Shaklee 180 rewards†

4. Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95 month/value)

5. Free upgrade to expedited shipping on your first order ($26.95 value)

6. Eligible for FREE products through “3 for Free” when you sign-up for AutoShip***

During the second 90 days you learn to keep the weight off with the lean and healthy kit.

Lean and Healthy


Over $239 Retail Value

Create a Leaner, Healthier You

Embrace your After-After TM with clinically tested products* – and a program designed to create a leaner, healthier you. With Leucine-powered smoothees and VitalizerTM delivering over 80 bio-optimized nutrients to the right place at the right time, plus exclusive online tools and daily support, you’ll find everything you need to fuel your day.

Each customizable Lean & Healthy Kit includes:

1. 30 healthy customizable meals in your choice of flavors

2. Your choice of Shaklee VitalizerTM (30 day supply)

3. Free personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools ($9.95 month/value)

4. Access to Shaklee 180 rewards

5. Free Shaklee 180 Workouts ($19.95 month/value)

6. Eligible for FREE products through “3 for Free” when you sign-up for AutoShip**

Products are gluten free and low glycemic

Everyone knows losing weight is hard to do.  So it doesn’t stop there.
Shaklee provides customizable support and online tools ($9.95 value)


Free burst workouts ($19.95) value- who doesn’t love a quick, calorie burning exercise you can do right at home!  Also available on your smartphone!

tumblr_inline_mfx0a3tAZc1rcwfgsRewards as you go!  From ipods to trips to Paris! Each week 25 people will win prizes to achieve their health and nutrition goals!


Free Membership- Automatically get 15-25% off any Shaklee products (19.95 value)!

And all this can be FREE next month when you find 3 people to join you on your 180!tumblr_inline_mfwzyqwG8G1rcwfgs

Save Money while doing it….148545_130121610484702_974694353_n

And join thousands of people who have lost the weight….

Just one of the many tests showing Shaklee users who use Cinch (now Smoothees) in addition to working out lost more weight, had greater lean muscle mass, and lose more body fat than people who only worked out but did not use Cinch.

cinch_plus_exercise_resultsWhat Does Leucine and Muscle Have to Do With Losing Weight?

On most weight loss diets, you end up losing muscle in addition to fat. That’s because when you take in fewer calories than your body needs, your body has less energy to fuel basic biological functions. To make up for that, your body breaks down muscle proteins for energy. This is bad because it’s your muscles that help burn calories. Here’s where leucine does its magic while you lose weight; by stimulating protein synthesis it helps your body preserve muscle mass while you lose the right kind of weight-from fat, that is. In turn, your metabolism stays up, which is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for the long haul.

Contact me today to get started on you 180!

Want to check out a video about Shaklee 180?
Want more information on the website?  These include some success stories too!
Want to check out the kits and supplies?

Check out my 180 story!  Just to add an update- I still use 1 smoothee a day and am still losing weight!

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