Devotion: often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle.

Last year I heard K-Love (I believe) share about choosing a word to focus on throughout the year.  I spent some time praying and thinking about what my word should be this year….and I think I came up with devotion.  I then went to biblegateway and typed in “Devotion” to see what scripture came up and this was the first verse.

2 Kings 20:3

“Remember, LORD, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.”


Perfect verse for the year!  I want 2013 to be a year in which I am devoted first and foremost to the Lord, my family/friends, and in everything I do whether small or big.

Devoted to God

I have to admit at times I am not always fully devoted to the Lord.  I choose other things before Him, and often choose my own self over pleasing Him.  I am reminded over and over again that all that really matters is pleasing God.  At the end of the day I want to “do what is good in your eyes.”  When I really stop to think about why I am frustrated or angry does it really matter in the big picture?   God loves me so much and wants nothing more than my total and complete devotion.  He forgives me so much over and over again and I am so grateful for His grace on my life.  Why is it so hard at times to read His word or pray when I know that is the solution for many of my difficulties?

One thing I have enjoyed reading from is the You Version app (also can do on the computer).   From the app you can pick the She Reads Truth reading plan!  To read more about she reads truth click on the link below.  The current plan is, “Fresh Start.”  Something I always need!  I


If you go to Christ Community, we will be starting a new study in a few weeks on Thursday nights-  Women Gone Wise in a world gone wild.

Devoted to my family

This year I want to carry selfless affection and dedication to my hubby and May.  I admit this past year I wasn’t always the most patient and encouraging to Sam.  I often took my frustration or stress out on him and not only was I not being the wife I was created to be, but I wasn’t loving him as God called me to.  I want to serve him without always being noticed and care for him.  Really really care for him- in the small things- bring him down lunch when he is working or take time out to give him more massages ;).  I know they seem silly but when my focus is so much on taking care of May, sometimes I forget those little things with Sam.   A few things that show my devotion to Sam is being on time.  I admit I am not always the best about being on time, especially after having May.  It seems so much harder with a kiddo to get to places on time, but I know I am respecting him when I do.  I also know a clean house is very important to Sam- another hard one when you have kiddos, but order is very important to him so I am organizing each section of my house slowly.  Beginning with the basement.  I have to be honest, I LOVE when things are organized so it feels great when they are.  Also, want to speak words of encouragement to him- especially in front of others.  I also want to remember to do more date nights. We are so blessed with having family and  friends who are willing to watch May, but often our schedules get so busy we don’t have time- but this has to be a top priority for us!


Devoted to Health


One reason I love my job, is helping others make small or big changes in their health.  I love hearing how people feel better after simple changes to their supplements and cleaning products, and I know this will only grow this year!   I want to be dedicated to my business team of moms and help them continue to succeed in their mission of helping others finding natural solutions to their health .  I want to always remember to ask God for guidance as I integrate Him in my business and want to please Him!  I want to continue to be used by Him!  I’m excited to see what God has planned for the year!

Devoted.  Wow I said a lot and I could say even more, but writing this out helps me refocus and also holds me accountable when I look back on this post periodically.

2 Kings 20:3

“Remember, LORD, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.”

Anyone else have a word they would like to focus on?  I would love to heat it!

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