2012: A Year in Review

2012:  Year in Review-

Here are some brief highlights from the year and blog posts that were the most popular.


Birth Story


We started off the year learning the ropes as new parents to our precious Malayna Faith.  The beginning of the year is mostly a blur as it involved lots of diaper changes, feedings, and carrying sweet May around.  Breastfeeding became a small part time job.  She loved to be held or carried and didn’t always sleep the best, so not much was accomplished other than taking care of her!  I began my journey as a stay at home mom and life changed a lot!!  My house became more dirty, I took less showers, got less sleep, and was never more happy to be home taking care of my daughter.


On Feburary 16th– My sweet niece, Cecelia was born and just when I thought my heart couldn’t get more full- it did.  Lauren and I quickly began leaning on each other as we navigate the new waters of motherhood.  We cried together and laughed together, and enjoy spending our days going on walks, having lunch, or just chatting on the phone!  Cecelia and May love each other so much and May gained a best friend that day.

Top 10 Baby Must Haves– *My most popular post 🙂


I started this blog in March and have enjoyed a way to document May’s first year. Don’t worry you aren’t getting rid of me that fast- I still plan to blog next year! 🙂

First blog


May was dedicated at church on Mothers day and I celebrated my first official mothers day!  I started my hobby of garage sale shopping  and finding sweet deals on toys and clothes!


Malayna started crawling.  With the weather turning warmer we enjoyed walking and bike rides together.  We enjoyed meeting up with other moms for play dates.  She also took her first swim lessons!




Malayna enjoyed her first plane ride down South to meet the O’Grady family.  She did very well traveling together and made such special memories for our first vacation together.

South Carolina


Sam traveled to Brazil for the third time leading a group of High school students on mission trip to do English Camps.  He saw many students lives changed and lots of fruit come from his trip.



I began working from home as a health consultant for Shaklee distributing health products.  I quickly learned the ropes of a small business and enjoyed helping others have a healthier home and body.  My team grew with other women passionate about staying home with their children, helping others find natural solutions to health problems, and in November was able to make Director!

Starting Shaklee


We made a trip up to Michigan to meet the Simpsons!

Cloth Diapering



A group of women and I started a Thursday night Womens  study at Dekalb for around 100 women.  Sam continued to led 50 high school students in Housegroup- helping lead other adults in mentoring and shepherding freshmen through seniors on how to apply God’s word to their everyday lives.  He spent a lot of time pouring into students and helping develop leaders.  I am so proud of his ministry!


I enjoyed my first overnight without May with the Brownie Townies!  Sweet memories were made and it is always such a treat to spend time with them!


Our Malayna began talking, turned one, and started walking!

Malayna’s First Birthday

We are so blessed by the Lord and look forward to what He has in store for 2013.
Happy New Year!

The Odoms


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