Clean water

11th Day of Shaklee Christmas…


Get Clean Water

Did you know more than 300 pollutants have been found in drinking water…I also found this article lately about linking pesticides in tap water with food allergies.  Check it out here!

Get Clean® Water is a revolutionary new water pitcher filtration system Gold Seal certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to reduce up to 99% of lead 1—as well as dozens of other nasty contaminants that can turn up in your water and may be harmful to your health. Cleaner, healthier water and a cleaner, healthier planet? We can all drink to that!

Watch this video to how Get clean water compares to Brita and Pur….

Additional information can be found here:  (copy and paste into new browser)

$10 off your get clean water starter pack

12 Days of Shaklee Christmas

All proceeds donated towards Samaritans Purse

Day 1-Defend against winter

Day 2-Stress relief, b-complex/energy, and sleep

Day 3- Vitalizer

Day 4- Losing Baby Weight

Day 5– Childrens Vitamins

Day 6– Athletes/ Hydrating Drinks

Day 7- Basic G and Basic H wipes

Day 8-Immune System Support

Day 9-Laundry

Day 10- Womens Health (Copy and paste into new browser)

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