12 months: One Year Old

IMG_2293 I meant to post this on her birthday and the day/week got away from me! :)…..


HI Everyone Mom’s been a little busy lately so I decided since its my birthday and all to write my first post….I’m using my first laptop the Knox’s got me for my birthday.


Lifes a little more adventures then these days….


I surprise momma big time this morning that almost involved a phone call to poison control.  I didn’t want to sleep last night because I was so excited to celebrate my birthday so I was up several times.  Momma fed me the good stuff, but when she came to get me this morning I had quite a surprise for her….My crib was covered in the crystals from my diaper.  I decided to put some in my hair and mom was worried I ate some, but I told her they tasted gross and didn’t.  I had such a full diaper it came apart in my crib.


Life is a lot of fun now.  A lot more fun than the first 6 months when all I pretty much did was ate, slept and pooped.  Mom and dad are getting the hang of it, although sometimes I throw them a loop about something and keep them on their toes.


I had my first Thanksgiving at Grandma Odoms a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  Her food was delicious and on Thanksgiving I got to eat at my Great Aunt Kathy’s.  Everything she makes is so yummy.  I especially liked the sweet potatoes.


I am still not walking yet, but I took my first step on Thanksgiving.

Everyday I start to talk more and more and mom and dad get so excited.  My new words are dog, more, ball, papa, and bye bye.

2012-12-01 14.28.34

I’m in a big girl car seat now and take baths in the big tub.  I feel like such a big girl.  Sometimes mommy thinks I am growing up too fast, but then I cry for her and she realizes I still need her.

I love to blow kisses now, but never like to do it when momma or dada ask me to in front of others.

I started to throw food on the floor when I am eating.  Mommy and daddy don’t like it, but I think I’m funny.  Especially when I take my bib off as well.

I love drinking out of mom or dads water bottles.  I even like drinking carbonated water like mom.


I’m excited for Christmas this year.  Last year was so boring, all I did was sleep.  I hope I get some cool toys.  I’m excited because mom told me she wanted to start a tradition with me where we make Jesus a birthday cake every Christmas.

I took my first trip to Panera….I loved trying my first bread bowl and even got to go in my pjs!

2012-12-01 17.37.39

Mom started giving me Shaklee vitamins after I had a stuffy/runny nose for a few weeks.  They helped me get all better and I love to chew them.  Mom told me it will help me grow big and strong and protect me from getting sick.


I think those are all the updates for now.  Mom is telling me I need to take a nap and I need to get off the computer so I better listen.

Thank you everyone for sending mommy texts, phone calls, cards.  I had the best first birthday.


I hope you all enjoyed hearing from me.  Perhaps I will write again?


May May

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