Laundry Time….9th Day of Shaklee Christmas-

laundry-mini-kitKeep those clothes looking bright like winter whites! Use some Shaklee Nature Bright Laundry Booster; it keeps your whites white and colors brighter! Add it to our Fresh Laundry Powder Concentrate which is gentle on the you skin, the planet AND your wallet- it washes 40% more loads than the same amount of Ultra Tide powder detergent! Wowza! Throw in some Shaklee Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets that are biodegradable and  viola, your laundry is complete.

Your skin is your largest organ, and everything you put on it gets absorbed into your skin.  Switching laundry detergent can help greatly with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies, asthma, and protect your precious babies skin!  Did you know your laundry detergent can be traced in the blood stream?

Shaklee’s Laundry detergent….

✔ Hypoallergenic
✔ Nontoxic
✔ Safe for use on all washable fabrics
✔ No chlorine bleach

✔ Sustainable ingredients from natural
sources— derived from coconut
✔ Biodegradable surfactants
✔ No phosphates or nitrates
✔ Fragrance-free option
✔ No dyes
✔ Recyclable packaging
✔ Safe for septic systems and graywater

✔ Superconcentrated —32 ounces cleans
32 loads—the same amount as a
50 fluid ounce bottle of Tide® Regular
High Efficiency Liquid Detergent*

Natures Bright!  Great alternative to Oxy Clean!!!  Perfect for babies (and adults too)!

Babies. Grass. Mashed potatoes and
gravy. Some really nice things can cause
some really nasty stains. Some really
nice things can also get them out. Natural
enzymes and active oxygen re-brighten
laundry, de-stain upholstery, and way
more. No smelly bleach. Nice.

Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and
Stain Remover is more effective than Oxi
Clean® Stain Remover Free as a prespot
and presoak laundry stain remover, and
40% better than Biokleen® Oxygen
Bleach Plus as a laundry booster.*

Buy Shaklee’s laundry detergent and Natures Bright (stain remover) get Dryer Sheets Free

All Laundry Kits also 10% off for 3 more days!

All proceeds donated toward Samaritans Purse

12 Days of Shaklee Christmas

Day 1-Defend against winter

Day 2-Stress relief, b-complex/energy, and sleep

Day 3- Vitalizer

Day 4- Losing Baby Weight

Day 5– Childrens Vitamins

Day 6– Athletes/ Hydrating Drinks

Day 7- Immune System Support

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