Day 3, 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Special (if you didn’t see the first or second day check it out!)

Vitalize yourself for the Holidays:

Interested in getting all the vitamins and nutrients from these foods in one convenient strip?


After a landmark study, Shaklee developed Vitalizer—a vitamin strip packed with 80 nutrients. Energy, health, and more in a strip you can bring to your holiday festivities! Vitalizer not only comes packed to the brim with highly tested raw materials, a patent-pending, cutting-edge delivery system designed to improve absorption of key nutrients (ensuring the right nutrients get to the right place at the right time), but it also comes with a free Shaklee membership and an auto-ship discount! (Not just during the 12 days but always!)


Try Vitalizer today, if you don’t feel better in 30 days you can get your money back!! 

If you want to try Vitalizer, I am offering $10 off your first purchase! 

This is definitely one of my favorite products.  It has helped my husband and I’s stomach a lot (from the probotics), give us more energy (B-complex), improve my allergies, and keep us healthy when a lot of people around us have been sick.  It is one of the best investments in our health. 

To read more why Shaklee supplements are different check out my blog post here.

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