Birth Story….one year ago

Warning I will be graphic in this post.  Stop reading now if you do not want to hear about Malayna’s delivery.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Alright lets be honest almost all my readers are women anyway and what women doesn’t love a good birth story!


On Friday, December 2nd, during 8th hour I felt a tiny bit of what felt like a trickle down yonder, but the past few days I had some discharge and lost my mucus plug so I didn’t really know what was going on.  I went home that evening to spend my last night at home with just Sam and I, but I could feel a lot of pressure and I felt like labor was coming.  I can remember saying goodbye to one of my dearest friends at school telling her I think I may not be back on Monday.  I was hoping to be able to teach until December 2nd and sure enough I made itl!  May’s original due date was December 9th.  Everyone told me I would go late, so naturally, I went early.


That night I had cramps off and on, and went to the bathroom and as I got up felt more discharge.   Mind you this was a very small amount and everyone always told me when your water breaks you will know!  Well no one told me your water could break a tiny bit.

Around 5am I was awake, as most women at the end of their pregnancy you can’t sleep!  I felt a little more cramps so I called into the hospital.  They told me they wanted to check me to see if my water broke, but that I could take my time.  So I decided to go downstairs and walk on the treadmill.

I knew walking helps progress labor and at the time my contractions didn’t hurt so I wanted to do anything possible to spend things along.  I ate a nice big breakfast, cleaned the house, took a long shower, and we headed out the door around 9:00am.  My hubs did not think I was in labor.  He was so anxious for May to come and didn’t want to get his hopes up.  I called my mom and sissy and told them I was off to the hospital, but it could all be false alarms.  How is a first time momma to know what labor feels like.  I thought I was having contractions, but again, had no idea.

Well I got admitted and they ran a test to see if my water broke, and sure enough it had broken and I was having contractions.  At the beginning they feel like a lot of pressure.


The nurse began to get a little worried when she asked me when I thought my water broke.  Oh umm around 2pm YESTERDAY. If your water breaks for more than 24 hours they worry about possible infection.  They called the Doctor and she wanted to put me on an antibiotic and Pitocin.  Immediately I associated Pitocin with two things….an epidural and after that C-section.  I just had to trust the Doctor knew best and go with the flow.  My wonderful hubby asked for a portable Pitocin and antibiotic so I could spend the next two hours walking the floors.  Everytime I walked by the recovery section I was so jealous of the women already with their babies while each lap I had more and more contractions.  Every half an hour they kept upping my Pitocin and each half an hour it got progressively worse.  Then I stopped being able to walk anymore and just bounced on the yoga ball, roughly around 2-3pm.  My mom and sister eventually came.  They are two of the most encouraging and comforting people I know, and knew it would be helpful to have them in the room until I was ready to push.

Around 3-4pm, My contractions began to get unbearable- around every 30 seconds and I was starting to have really bad back labor….and then I hit my breaking point.   The tears began and I started saying the e work- EPIDURAL PLEASE!!!!  For me it kept feeling like I had to poop.  I just felt all this pressure and just wanted to get it out.  I think May was really far down because when the Doctor would check me she would tell me “she is right there!”  I was extremely blessed that I got my Doctor that I had known for years.  She was extremely encouraging and had really good bed side manner.  She always spent a lot of time with me during my appointments.


I went into labor open minded.  I would have loved to have gone all natural, but I knew realistically that would be hard- especially with the unknown.  I look up to women who go natural but holy cow is labor hard, especially when you get Pitocin.

After the epidural set in, I felt like a new women.  I was at 5cm so I figured I still had a few hours.  Well they checked me after an hour and I went from a 5-9 in that short period of time.  My doctor came in saw may’s head and said “I was going to go to dinner, but I am staying put your having this baby fast!”

I was really nervous about pushing.  I just didn’t know what to expect.  I started pushing at 6:40pm.  It took me a good 20-30 minutes to get her past my pelvic bone.  The first nurse didn’t give me much instructions.  They switched nurses at 7pm and told us to wait on pushing.  Well I could feel each contraction and I wasn’t going to waste any- so I still pushed. For those who know Sam, he is a pretty quiet guy.  Well that night he encouraged and cheered me on like I have never seen. He was the best coach I could have asked for and I am so thankful to have him by my side.

I knew the baby wasn’t going to fly out.   The next nurse came in and lets just say she was quite the cheerleader.  She told me to put my chin down, and move my legs a certain way and I finally started making progress.  She could see a full head of hair and I was encouraged by knowing she was right there.  At 7:20pm she was born.



I cried out of pure joy and relief that it was all over.  They laid her on me but she wasn’t crying very much so they took her away and once they laid her down she let out a big wail.  It was love at first sight and a true miracle to set eyes on my little Malayna Faith Odom. I am so blessed by her life and thank the good Lord for creating this beautiful, loving, silly, baby girl of mine.


Born on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 7:20pm.  She was 6lbs, 15 oz and 19.5 inches.  She had hair all over her body and was the most beautiful little girl.




2 thoughts on “Birth Story….one year ago

  1. So thankful for my sweet niece and the chance to be at the hospital and watch you labor and remain so calm-it gave me so much peace. So proud of you, that day and every day since then-you are an incredible mom. I was just thinking again tonight about how much you helped me with breastfeeding and how if we didnt have your knowledge and experience, we never would’ve made it this far. You and Malayna showed us how to be sillers, endure the tough stuff. We live you both so so much!!!!

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