12 days of Christmas, Day Two

12 Days of Shaklee, Day 2

All proceeds made during the 12 days of Christmas will go towards Samaritans Purse.  Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.  My goal is to help supply Emergency Relief Supply, Freshwater wells, and Help Stock a Fish pond towards those in need.

Recap on the 12 Day of Christmas click here

Make your season merry….

Everyone gets a little stressed over the holidays


so try Stress Relief Complex—relieves stress in as little as 30 minutes, helps relax the body and mind, and promotes alertness while enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to everyday stress. Can also help you sleep and avoid stress related weight gain.


Feeling tired from the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season?  Fuel your body with B-Complex, known as the “happy vitamins”. Sugar, alcohol, stress, and caffeine all destroy the B vitamins in our body.  B-Complex works to metabolism your food into energy, giving you some extra energy to get through the day.

A few interesting facts about B-Complex:

*The most important thing to remember is that ALL B VITAMINS should be taken together in “COMPLEX” form. (You can throw your metabolism off by taking an isolated B vitamin.)

*If a person is tired, irritable, nervous, depressed, or even suicidal-expect a vitamin B deficiency.

*People deficient in B vitamins quickly become anemic, are nervous, do not sleep well (insomnia), crave sweets, and have high cholesterol levels.

*Reduces/eliminates PMS symptoms.

*Extremely important to take before and during pregnancy as  it helps prevent birth defects in babies

Reduces/eliminates morning sickness.

Adding in B-complex has helped a lot with giving me extra energy…and we all know moms need some energy!

Not getting quality sleep? Gentle Sleep Complex contains Valerian Root. Valerian Root has been used for over a thousand years because it helps maintain a calm state, promotes relaxation, and is a natural means of promoting restful sleep (without the side effects of melatonin).


*Buy all three and get free shipping*

First Day of Christmas

What makes Shaklee supplements different?

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