11 Months

A year ago I can remember November being quite a busy month.  Trying to get all my lessons plans ready for the rest of the year, training my wonderful sub to take over- now science teacher (Hi Layla!), get all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped, enjoying several thanksgiving dinners with family, finish the nursery, take childbirth classes, and getting everything ready for when May would arrive.  I am tired just typing all that.  I think God gives us the “nesting” instinct at the end just to have the energy to get those last few things done.

Now my November is quite different- countless hours feeding May, changing diapers, cleaning up toys and doing dishes, lots of laundry, prepping for a first birthday, church activities, and did I mention the dishes yet- they never end in our house?  Going from a teacher to stay at home mom is quite a drastic change.

Now as she is approaching her 1 year birthday, I can’t help but think of what an amazing year its been.  Don’t get me wrong Sam and I both struggled to figure this whole parenting thing out (we are still a major work in progress), had many a sleepless nights, struggled with crazy post-baby hormones, lots of breastfeeding issues, fought over how to parent May etc. but this past year she has taught me so much and it has been one amazing year with her!  I’ve grown so much and I realize over and over again how much I need God!

People often ask me “how do you like staying at home?” Honestly, I love it.   I really feel like it is the job I was created for!  Every day is different whether its a play-date, running errands or doing something fun, heading to the Y, cleaning or baking, or just playing at home.  I love the flexibility and joy raising May is.  I am never bored that’s for sure!!  There are some days I miss teaching, the sense of purpose and accomplishment I would often feel in teaching, and there are moments of feeling discouraged or in need desperate need of a mommy break, but I know that is all normal for a stay at home mom.Sometimes I struggle with admitting I need a break at times or feel selfish if I spend any time away from her- but I know there are times I need it and its ok to admit that.  I am also reminded over and over again that Sam and I need time together as well- and I need to not feel guilty for that.  I struggle with guilt a lot!  Doing Shaklee has continued to grow which I am thankful for. I am very excited as my team grows with more moms wanting to help others feel better, and continue to stay at home with their babies as they become distributors.

Now here are some more pictures….

This month began several first birthdays!  May enjoyed celebrating Maddie and Maya’s first birthdays this month!  Happy Birthday!!

Playing with her buddy Lia

Beautiful Cece

Loves:  Using a toy walker to walk, any toys that light up and make lots of noise, raspberries/ blackberries/figs and prunes, and just recently cuties (very good at Costco) she LOVES.

Hates: Getting her diaper changed, being cold, going to the YMCA for the first few times (poor baby did not like it- it is getting better though), oatmeal- can’t get her to like it, she doesn’t seem as comfy in her new car seat as she was in the infant car seat- hopefully she will get used to it!

New words: uck for buck (guess who taught her that)….Sam was telling her all about hunting and guess what she did?  She grabbed his wallet and went right for the credit card- no joke.  Sorry Honey she may just be a shopper ;),

Uh ohhh- Kleckas taught her that 🙂

And “hotdog”…..  True story just ask these ladies…Lets just say this girl already loves the best hotdog joint around….

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