Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween….a little late 🙂

Halloween was always such a fun time as a kiddo to carve pumpkins, dress up, go trick or treating with your friends, and get tons of free candy.  Oh and we can’t forget in Elementary School having a parade and big party at the end of the day!!??  ….Those were the days.

Here I am back in the day….

As a parent it so much fun to “relive” your childhood with your child.  I got all excited for May (even though I know she was clueless what was going on)….

May on her first Halloween….Little miss ladybug…

She enjoyed getting all dressed up with her Odom’s cousins the weekend before Halloween….

Cowgirl and ladybug cooking in the kitchen together!

Cecelia was the cutest little elephant….

The whole costume…

Hey this thing is EMPTY!!!

Auntie Lauren and Cousin Jules, Aka Katy Perry.

My favorite Halloween Costume growing up was grapes.  I wish I had a picture but I wore purple sweats and my mom stuck a whole bunch of purple balloons on me.  It was hard to walk, but everyone thought I was so cool!

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