A rundown on why I use Shaklee Cleaning products…

They are SAFE…


You no longer need a bunch of cleaning products- only a few….

Can you believe we owed all that!


H2 was my favorite cleaning product, until I used Scour Off.

Scour off is Nontoxic, contains no toxic fumes or chlorine bleach.

It works on any stuck on messes, cooked on food, rust, hard water spots, or any of those hard to clean spots.

Here are some of the ways they work…

Rust on my car…


Rust is gone!

It also works great if you have hard water like my parents.  This is their bathroom tiles.  Scour off on one of the tiles…

Before- Pen on knob


It works great on the stove!



It removes any stuck on things from surfaces like this little guy

My counters are white and dishes easily stain them.  I used it to whiten them up and get the stains out….

Stove- Before



Check out how you can save money hundreds of dollars EVERY YEAR….


The Get Clean Starter kit saves you$ 3,400 all for $99.

If you become a new member this month (until October 31st), I will give you SCOUR OFF FREE!!! 

If you are currently a member and place a 50PV order from now until October 31st- you can get SCOUR OFF FOR FREE!!!

Email me for further details

To view products click on Shop Shaklee on my menu

All Shaklee products are 100% satisfaction guarantee (if you don’t like them- return them- its that easy!) You have nothing to lose!!! 

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*Information taken from Environmental Protection Agency and National Institute for Health

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