Top 10 Baby Must haves (ages 6-12 months), Part II

I enjoyed writing “Top Ten Baby must Haves” back when May was a newborn so I thought I would do another on this time for around ages 6-12 months.

Here are some of our favorite things to use from ages 6-12 months.

1. Travel high chair.  Even though most places have high chairs, this is super nice to have in case another baby is using a highchair at grandmas or you go to a friends house without a high chair.  We keep ours in the car and we use it quite a bit!  You could also use it as your highchair at home and it would save some space!

2. Baskets! Once they start getting into toys they are everywhere! I love having baskets around the house to hide the messs store them in!

3. Umbrella stroller.  I love our travel stroller, but as they get older its nice to have a small, compact one to get in and out of the car quickly.

4. Leap frog table.  I scored this at a garage sale and Malayna LOVES playing on it.  Its great when they first begin standing.

5. Food pouch.  When May was little she ate mostly table food because we did baby led weaning, but there were times she need a quick, healthy snack so we loved having these.  She still loves them to this day!

6. Because we did baby led weaning, Malayna makes a huge mess so I love these giant bibs.

Lauren recently got her this one from Ikea!  I love them because they cover up their arms as well!  I also like the food catchers so all the good doesn’t land in their laps.

7. Placemats with suctions.

8. Poncho.  My parents go this for May at Costco.  It is so great to throw on quickly while getting out of the car and is super cute as well!

9. Walker. This has been great as she is learning to walk!

10. Bag in the car for toys.  We got this as a gift from Thirty One that we keep in the car for her stash of toys.

Any favorite toys or gadgets for 6-12 months of age??  Please share!

Also what toys do 12-18 months LOVE??!!

To view Top 10 Baby Must Haves for 0-3 months click here.

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