My Journey With Shaklee

My friend, Harper, first introduced me to Shaklee at a baby shower.  I was immediately intrigued by her ability to help people find ways to improve their health naturally, the high standards and uniqueness of Shaklee as the number 1 natural nutrition company, and her ability to work from home.  I started off by trying Shaklee’s Basic H cleaner (see here).  I noticed this natural, non-toxic, green cleaner actually WORKED, was inexpensive, and was free of toxins and chemicals.  I was so excited about the product I started telling my family and friends all about it.  To be honest, I never really thought much about what I was cleaning with until my daughter was crawling around and touching everything around her.  As I did more research I found that asthma, allergies, cancer, and other various diseases have been linked to toxins in their environment.  Simply changing the cleaners you use in your house can have a huge impact on the health of your family.  As someone who suffers from allergies, I am always looking for ways to feel better, as well as PREVENT any health issues Malayna may have now or down the road.  I can’t control everything harmful she comes in contact with, but every little bit can help.

My journey towards healthier living began around 7 years ago.  Back in college I became sick with  appendicitis that led to an abscess that caused me to be in and out of the hospital for a month.  After a long recovery and various medications , I was sick on and off for a year afterward and gained a lot of weight.  I never thought much about what I was eating.  My diet was pretty bad- lots of sugar, carbs, and few veggies.  During this time my family began educating themselves on ways to improve their diet.  I slowly began making changes to my health through diet and exercise and found my health improve greatly.  It was at this time that I started to become more passionate about health and wellness.  Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near perfect in my diet or exercise, but I am enjoying learning and making changes and sharing this with my family and friends.  I can’t deny my love of chocolate peanut butter ice cream (all the more reason I need a supplement in my diet). I feel my health is a journey, and each small change I make adds up to bigger ones down the road.

After being pregnant with Malayna and then breastfeeding her, I was very limited in things I could take (especially with allergies), I also felt very tired from waking up with Malayna at night.  I began realizing that often traditional medicine (although very much needed at time) only puts a band aid on symptoms and doesn’t help treat the real reason why I have the symptoms that I do (like allergies).  I have always been passionate about a natural ways of preventing and helping treat health problems and enjoy learning more and more about how are bodies are made and ways to prevent disease and illnesses that are natural.  I am realizing more and more that preventing is huge in helping our health crisis.

Working with Shaklee not only helps  my own families health, but I get to continue to stay home with Malayna.  Every since I was in high school I have dreamed about being a stay at home mom.  The benefit of Shaklee is that I can continue to stay home with her, and work whenever and wherever.  Often in my pjs, when she naps or goes to bed, or over lunch/coffee with a friend!  My team is an amazing support system consisting of a Nutritionist and a Nurse that I am in constant communication with when consulting with others.  The flexibility of working makes being a stay at home mom much easier and allows us to set financial goals for the future.

On top of the added benefit of being able to work at home, I love being on their supplements and using their products.  Even though I strive to eat a healthy diet, I know I do not get all the vitamins and nutrients my body needs on a daily basis.  I also just recently learned even fruits and veggies do not provide the nutrients like they did 50 years ago because the soil is different nowadays (as well as the pesticides on many fruits and veggies).   I also know there are some days when I do not eat the recommended 6-9 vegetables.   To hear more about why it is important to supplement here is a great video:

I felt  improvement in my overall health, energy levels, skin/hair, and allergies after being on their vitamins for just a few weeks.  In just a short period of time, I have loved hearing from family and friends how much they love the cleaning products, how much more energy they have after switching to the supplements, their stomach feels better, or that they didn’t get sick when everyone else around them was sick.  It is such a blessing to help others make small or large changes in their health, and I appreciate all of your who have made this all possible by your support.

If you would like NATURAL, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, cleaning, nutrition, weight-loss, or beauty products and  would like to support my new business, please email me at for additional information.

To view Shaklee products click on “shop shaklee” at the top of my page.  Lastly, If you are a mom looking for ways to work at home email me- I have lot of exciting stuff to share with you!

Here is some additional information on how Shaklee is different:

2 thoughts on “My Journey With Shaklee

  1. wow! thanks for sharing this katie! I had used Melaleuca for years but since we’ve moved to NC I haven’t refilled my order and was using regular store bought chemicals to really “kill and clean” everything in the house we bought. Well wouldn’t you know, Brayden, our youngest started getting really dry (way more than normal), for about 2 weeks was breaking out in hives all over his body. Nothing in our diet changed, etc. I took him to the doctor and they were puzzled and just told me to lather him in hydrocortisone and give him benadryl every 6 hours. Neither of which did I agree with or do. He’s still extremely itchy, all over, and is really dry, but i’m hoping that using the Shaklee you sent and then getting back into our normal cleaning routine (and making sure he’s eating better) we’ll be able to combat this, and fast!

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