10 Months

Each month it is amazing to watch as May learns to do more and more.  It is funny as parents how you go crazy over the littlest thing like crawling or saying your name.  It is so fun to see her personality come out more and more as she grows and develops.

This month she is getting closer to walking.  Shes up and moving on her little walker that her buddy Madelyn let her borrow.  Thanks Madelyn!

She finally got her first tooth and the second one just came in.

She has started to climb up stairs.  I was trying hard to keep her from the stairs, but sure enough she can’t resist climbing them.

We are trying to get ready for the cold with lots of jackets, sweatshirts, and hats….She is daddy’s little deer of the year 🙂

Sam and I try to sign to May “more” and “all done.”  It feels like she looks at you like your so crazy, but finally after doing it over and over again she has begun to sign all done.

She started to wave bye bye.  Her first wave was to her Grandpa Odom.  It was so precious.

She is enjoying all the pumpkins from this time of year.

She loves her buddies

Beautiful Matheny family.  Happy 1st Birthday Benjamin!

Happy clean Cecelia…

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