Trip to Michigan with the Simpsons/Rocking Chair

One of my favorite childhood memories is meeting up with the Simpsons at the Michigan Dunes every summer.  The Simpson family are unlike any family you will meet.  They laugh at EVERYTHING you say so you automatically think your funny (when you really aren’t), are always so kind, loving, and caring, and on top of all that so much fun to be around.  They smothered Cece and Malayna with lots of cuddles, hugs, and kisses and we all had such a great time.

This time we met at St.Josephs and started of with a little trip to the beach.  The girls loved the fresh air and lake breeze!

The cousins bonding.  We love watching them interact.

A little dip in the pool.

Fun in the hotel.

Both babies did so well traveling, and it was such a relaxing fun weekend to spend with the Simpsons.

We love you Simpson family!!

I got this rocking chair a while ago at a garage sale and had plans to repaint it.  Here are some before pictures…lets just say it screamed princess

My mom painted it this beautiful soft yellow…

May likes to read it in.  As well as turn all the way around it it. 😉

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