Nine Months

May is now 9 months old.  Here are some highlights from the month.

This month she has taken exploring to a whole new level.  She loves going new places and seeing all that she can touch (and put in your mouth).

She has grown a lot physically (18 lbs, 12 oz, 28.25 inches). Such a change…

This month she enjoyed her first trip fishing.  She enjoyed reeling a few in with Uncle Bryan and Daddy!  Thanks for coming up to see me Uncle Bryan!!

She loves being in the great outdoors!

She is standing and walking with assistance better every day.

She continues to devour any and all food.

She enjoys visiting Daddy at work.  She picks up his appointment calendar with a pen and asks to schedule some daddy daughter time!

She smiles now whenever you pick up a camera (especially camera phone)

She loves swinging at the park

Her hair has grown a TON this month!  (Those Shaklee vitamins do wonders :))

She loves all the special family and friends in her life

One thought on “Nine Months

  1. Oh my word these pics are amazing. Love the close up of her smiling at the cam. And pls email me the one of may and c playing together. So cute.

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