Trip to Michigan with the Simpsons/Rocking Chair

One of my favorite childhood memories is meeting up with the Simpsons at the Michigan Dunes every summer.  The Simpson family are unlike any family you will meet.  They laugh at EVERYTHING you say so you automatically think your funny (when you really aren’t), are always so kind, loving, and caring, and on top of all that so much fun to be around.  They smothered Cece and Malayna with lots of cuddles, hugs, and kisses and we all had such a great time.

This time we met at St.Josephs and started of with a little trip to the beach.  The girls loved the fresh air and lake breeze!

The cousins bonding.  We love watching them interact.

A little dip in the pool.

Fun in the hotel.

Both babies did so well traveling, and it was such a relaxing fun weekend to spend with the Simpsons.

We love you Simpson family!!

I got this rocking chair a while ago at a garage sale and had plans to repaint it.  Here are some before pictures…lets just say it screamed princess

My mom painted it this beautiful soft yellow…

May likes to read it in.  As well as turn all the way around it it. 😉

Shaklee Cleaning and Giveaway!!!

Before having Malayna I never really thought much about what I was cleaning with.  I mean why should I question the very products that are supposed to help clean my home?  After being introduced to Shaklee through a mutual friend, I began thinking more about the products I have in my house.  Especially after seeing all the side effects and warnings from cleaners (see this link for additional info) such as links to allergies, asthma, cancer and other serious effects.  How is it that the very stuff we are trying to clean with, are also some of the most toxic and dangerous to our health?  I knew we had to begin switching to an alternative way of cleaning that is SAFE and free of any toxins and chemicals.  I knew Shaklee was the route to go.  Especially after seeing May crawl around everywhere, touch everything, and put everything in her mouth.

Here are some scary truths…

  • Over 90% of poison exposures happen at home.
  • Common chlorine bleach is the #1 household chemical involved in poisonings.
  • Organic pollutants, found in many common cleaners and even air fresheners, are present at levels 2 to 5 times higher inside your home than out.
  • Common cleaners give off fumes that potentially can increase the risk of kids developing asthma, the most common chronic childhood disease.
  • 1 in 13 school-aged children has asthma; rates in children under 5 increased more than 160% from 1980-1994.
  • If your home is anything like the average U.S. home, you generate more than 20 pounds of hazardous household waste each year (the EPA designates toilet cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, oven cleaners, and bleach as hazardous waste).

This video does a great job describing how our children are not growing up the way they once did….

After trying the H2 cleaner, I knew it was no ordinary cleaner.  Especially if the white house uses it to clean with, and it is one of Oprah’s favorite things!

I wanted to share a few ways I have enjoyed cleaning with my Basic H cleaner.  I am amazed at what a great job it does, how inexpensive it costs, and how safe it is for my family.

Here are a few facts about Basic H!

This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner. We challenge you to use it up any time soon to clean everything from spilled milk, to bug guts on the window, to splattered spaghetti sauce.

Basic H2® is all you need for thousands of household jobs

  • Ultraconcentrated – 16 ounces makes up to 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner when mixed with water.
  • Versatile and powerful cleaner – removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface, inside and out. Dilute according to directions.
  • No rinse, no residue, streak-free formula.

Use on any washable surface – indoors or out

  • Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Countertops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, Furniture

Clean Credentials

  • Nontoxic
  • Natural
  • Doubly concentrated
  • Biodegradable Surfactants

All purpose cleaner costs only 3 cents a bottle and makes over 380 bottles!

On the back of each spray bottle (all-purpose, window, and degreaser) describes how much of the H2 cleaner you place in each bottle (which is very little-1/4 tsp. in all purpose, 1-2 drops in the spray bottle, and 1 1/2 tsp. in the degreaser).  The H2 is very concentrated so it lasts you a LONG time.

One of the biggest perks of the H2 cleaner is it cleans almost anything! You no longer need windex, pledge, swiffer, etc.

Here are some of my favorite ways I have used Basic H around the house:

I love using the H2 cleaner for the floors for several reasons.  Malayna is crawling around everywhere on her hands and knees and I feel so comfortable knowing she is touching non-toxic cleaner all over her body.

Before (please don’t judge my extremely dirty floors)


I got this mop at Costco and just fill it up with water and put some H2 cleaner in it and we are all set!  I like that you can spray however much onto the floor for those really hard spots as well!  The white cloth that touches the floor can be washed so you don’t have to buy replacements on it over and over again like Swiffer.

One of my favorite uses is cleaning a crock put with the degreaser!  Normally I have to soak my crock pot in soap and water for hours and still end up scrapping at it.  The degreaser immediately cleaned the crock put.  Sadly, I only have an after picture.

I put the degreaser on my bakewear to clean the sides of leftover cooked on batter.  Worked like a charm!

We use it to clean the inside and outside of our cars!

Cleaning window.  The Basic H, works on all windows and does a great job!  For less than 1 cent a bottle.  The window cleaner makes over 5,800 bottles!

Oven.  The Degreaser works really well to get out tough grease and food stuck on your oven.

Cleaning a variety of surfaces- kitchen, sinks, bathroom, even the car!




When I buy toys at garage sales, I soak the toys in the cleaner!

My mom recently got balsamic vinegar on her shirt, she sprayed some H2 on it and it disappeared (and didn’t leave any water spots that normal stain removers do!)

**Some other ways others have enjoyed using it is to get stickers off glass (so long goo-gone), cleaning bird bath, and bicycles.

The ultimate test was spraying my plant with the H2!  If it doesn’t harm the plant, it has to be good!  Sure enough it didn’t.

For a list of additional ways the H2 cleaner can be used see below:

Basic H2 Use Sheet Updated

Bottom line, if I can make my home a little safer, it is all worth it for this precious child…I know I can’t remove every toxic thing that comes across her path, but every small change is worth it!

H2 Sample Giveaway!

I am giving away 5 samples of the H2 products.  The sample is enough to fill 1 bottle of all-purpose spray and 1 bottle of the window cleaner!

Here is how to enter:

Required: Leave a comment on my blog about what you would be most excited about using the H2 cleaner to clean with.

Optional: To enter your name TWICE like my facebook page – Odom’s Health and Wellness and get your name entered an additional time.

I will pick a winner on Sunday by 9pm (Central) using

Feel free to email me if you have any question or would like to pick up a bottle.

This giveaway has ended.  Congratulations to Stephanie, Jerusalem, Heather, Sarah, and Nicole!

Nine Months

May is now 9 months old.  Here are some highlights from the month.

This month she has taken exploring to a whole new level.  She loves going new places and seeing all that she can touch (and put in your mouth).

She has grown a lot physically (18 lbs, 12 oz, 28.25 inches). Such a change…

This month she enjoyed her first trip fishing.  She enjoyed reeling a few in with Uncle Bryan and Daddy!  Thanks for coming up to see me Uncle Bryan!!

She loves being in the great outdoors!

She is standing and walking with assistance better every day.

She continues to devour any and all food.

She enjoys visiting Daddy at work.  She picks up his appointment calendar with a pen and asks to schedule some daddy daughter time!

She smiles now whenever you pick up a camera (especially camera phone)

She loves swinging at the park

Her hair has grown a TON this month!  (Those Shaklee vitamins do wonders :))

She loves all the special family and friends in her life

Elburn Days/ Coconut Date Energy Balls

May and Cecelia enjoyed their first Elburn Days!

Photos taken by Uncle Joe!

We enjoyed the parade with the Kleckas and Mapels:

I also really enjoyed Elburn Days bcause Lauren and I scored an awesome playhouse for the kiddos.

Recently I have been on a big coconut kick! I have enjoyed munching on these from here!

Coconut Date Energy Balls

Ingredients (12-14 balls)

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup unsweetened dried coconut
  • 1/2 cup roasted pumpkin seeds (didn’t use)
  • 12 pitted dates, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup water (you might not need quite this much!)
  • zest of one orange (did not have so I didn’t use)
  • pinch of salt
  • extra coconut for rolling (optional
    I added in two big spoonfuls of peanut butter (I didn’t measure)
    Chai Seeds (extra crunch, fiber, and omega-3)


Honestly, it doesn’t get much more simple than this.  Make sure your dates are pitted, and then chop them into bite sized pieces.

Add dates, oats, coconut, vanilla, salt, and pepitas to a food processor.  Zest one orange over top of the food processor, and then let it spin.  The mixture will be dry and crumbly – let it process for a minute just to break down some of the bigger ingredients.

Slowly add about 1/4 cup of water – add just until the mixture becomes wet and a bit sticky.  Scoop out tablespoon sized portions and roll into balls. They will have a bit of stickiness to them, so I like to roll them in dried coconut to help prevent them from sticking together.

These can be eaten at room temp, but I prefer them cooled in the refrigerator. Pack for snacks, hikes, bike rides, or any other long day where you might need a quick boost.