End of Summer

I can not believe the end of summer is already upon us. I hope everyone enjoyed their first week back to school.  It felt a little weird not starting the teaching year up again.  I tried to think of an excuse to buy Malayna notebooks and new pencils, but knew she was too young. 🙂  As much as I love fall and all that comes with it- cool weather, pumpkin treats, cozy fires and candles, I adore the summer so much and hate to see it go!  Especially moments like these…

Here are some pictures from a little swim play date:

May, “Cecelia mom said if we just sit here nicely and throw the ball we can stay up another half an hour, Ok?”

My friend Jerusalem saw this beautiful idea for a door wreath on Pinterest that we made a while back.

I also made this mobile that I got off of pinterest as well.  I think I want to have a Pinterest party where everyone comes with an idea what they pinned and we all work on a project together.  I know I pin a ton of stuff, but never get around to actually doing them!  Anyone with me?

Malayna actually looked up when I first put it up and smiled so big.  She loves looking up at it.

Messy messy girl

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