8 Months Old

A year ago this week we had a very very special day….

We had our 21 week ultrasound and found out Malayna would be a girl!!!  I give major props to those who can wait to find out if they are having a boy or girl.  Sam and I both were way to impatient and eager to find out the sex, and I am very glad that we did.  Throughout my pregnancy I had a feeling I was having a boy (mostly just because Sam comes from all boys), but had a very vivid dream that our baby was a girl wearing purple in the hospital room after delivery.  She actually ended up in a purple for her going home outfit.

We enjoyed telling family and some church friends.  We made cupcakes and put a pink m&m in them so while everyone ate them they found out it was a girl!

Wait for it….

It’s a girl!

This board had peoples guesses boy or girl, day, time, etc.

I can remember my heart racing as they checked all the organs and body parts of our baby before telling us the gender in our ultrasound.  Those four special words were some of the sweetest words I have ever heard…It is a girl!!  Really I could not believe it.  I have always DREAMED about having a girl. I am very close with my mom and sister and would love for that relationship to carry on in future generations.  I always dreamt about having a girl to bake together, go shopping, get pampered together, going out to see girlie movies, and mostly just long chats about everything and anything.

1 year later and having Malayna is still a dream come true.

This month the only major development is that she has learned to stand on her own.  She hasn’t learned to bend her knees to get down from standing so she often gets frustrated trying to get down.

I also gave her her very first haircut.  I mean she was starting to get a really bad mullet/rat tale.  Lauren and Jess convinced me it was time, although I was sad that it was already time for her first trim.

She enjoys going in our bike carrier as Sam and I go for a bike-ride.

She is getting better at feeding herself.  At first she really struggled to feed herself, but her pincher grasp has improved and can pretty much put anything into her mouth now.

She is beginning to interact more and more with babies and children around her.  They bring her a lot of entertainment.

That was our attempt to get a picture of all three of them

Hey Cece give me your finger

Sooo big! Sweet baby Maddie!

Happy 8 Months Maymay.  Mama, Dada, and so many love you so so much!

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