7 Months Old

May is now 7 months old…

Here is a little rundown of the past month…

She learned to sit up on her own.  This makes playing with toys more fun (as well as shopping when the carseat used to take up half the cart).

She has learned to crawl.  She is getting faster and faster.  This has definitely changed a lot for Mom and Dad.  She loves to crawl everywhere and often loves anything that are for adults.  She still plays with toys, but she would rather have crumbled paper, a waterbottle, or a cardboard box.  She loves exploring new places!

Crawling, as many know, means she can get into anything at a moments notice.  This can be challenging on some days trying to get something done, but also lots of fun.  She has just recently started crawling towards me.  Ahh so sweet when that happens.

Separation anxiety has begun.  When we leave another room she is more mindful of this and will often start to fuss.

Her crazy colic hair continues to grow.  Lol.  She gets it from Grandma Chris and Daddy. 🙂

She still is not sleeping through the night. I kept thinking once she starts solids she will sleep better.  Then we introduced solids and nothing changed.  This has definitely been one of the harder challenges of motherhood, but recently am learning it is not in my control.  I guess I keep thinking to myself if I change this (schedule/no schedule, nurse to sleep/don’t nurse to sleep, cry/don’t cry – we’ve tried a lot folks ;)) then something will change.  Bottom line is, I know it is perfectly normal for a baby to not sleep through the night until 1 years old (or later).  Some just have really good sleepers- Hi Maddie!!  I just read only 16% of 6 month olds sleep through the night.  As hard as it is she somehow manages to smile when I pick her up (even at 3am) and it doesn’t seem so bad.  I will one day look back missing our cuddle moments, and I know one day she will sleep through the night.  I also need to be grateful that she sleeps well in other places and the car, through loud noises (mostly), doesn’t wake up too early in the morning, and transitions well from car-seat to crib.  🙂

She babbles quite a bit.  Recently May was in the hall and I went in her room to get something and she said “mama.”  I know probably total coincidence, but it still melted my heart.  I can’t wait until she talks.

She loves eating

She LOVES the water.  She has been dunked in the pool at swim lessons several time successfully.  My parents have a tiny pool that she loves to play in fearlessly.  I mean face in the water, water all over her face, you name it and she likes it!  She has this fountain toy she plays with and water gets all over her face- eyes and nose included and she could care less.

She started going to Kidsworld (our church’s nursery) this month. It was getting hard to focus on the church message and now that shes mobile she would rather be down and moving then sitting on our laps.

She wears around 6-12 month clothes (depending on brand and item).  She’s around 17  pounds (haven’t been to the doctor in a while).  She still has no teeth.

Most recently, grandma taught her how to kiss.  She will lean in towards you and kiss you!!  Umm yes this breaks my heart and is the cutest thing in the whole world.  This morning I picked her up from a nap and she leaned in to kiss me.

I think having a child teaches me a lot about the love of God.  I love Malayna so much and there is nothing she could do to take away the amount of love I have for her.  She doesn’t have to earn my love, I already love her.  In the same way I am grateful that God loves me no matter what I do.  I have to admit there are many times I struggle with this, but the truth is God’s love for me has nothing to do with what I do or don’t do.  It is not about me!  Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love towards me.

May, thank you for being such a sweet, loving, joyful, happy baby!  We love you so so much!

One thought on “7 Months Old

  1. Love this girl!!!! You will be soo happy to look back at all of her monthly updates on your blog.I gotta get on that!

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