Fathers Day and My Birthday!

Cecelia is so advanced she is already reading on her own.  My mom gave Sam, Steve, and Joe these precious books called “Thank you God for Daddy” for Father’s day.  I love watching these men become Father’s!  Dominic, Malayna, and Cecelia are all so blessed to have such supportive, caring, hard-working, dedicated men to look up to!

Everyone told me before having Malayna that watching your spouse with your child makes you love and adore them even more.  I couldn’t agree more.  One thing I appreciate about Sam is how hands on he is with Malayna (his brothers are like that too!)  He will change diapers, give her baths, clean her up after having messy solids, and take her places without complaining.  He makes her laugh more than anyone and has such a gentle, sweet, disposition toward her.  I could not imagine a more perfect father for Maymay and I am so grateful for all he has done the past 6.5 months.  Being sick over the weekend showed me yet again how great he is with her.  Happy Fathers Day Sam.  Sorry I didn’t make it more special for you this year, and that I don’t encourage you enough in all that you do for our family.

I was born on Father’s Day, and this year my birthday fell on Father’s Day again which happened to be Sam’s first official fathers day  ! Sadly, I was really sick all weekend, however I still managed to have fun and was spoiled by my family!

Saturday we had a birthday party for Jules, Kathy, and I and celebrated the wonderful Father’s in our lives!

Grandpa and Grandma Odom came up for a visit and Malayna enjoyed having them here!

On my birthday, I was still not feeling well. However, Sam still managed to treat me to Chipotle and my family cheered me up- always the best medicine.

This family belong on the cover of a magazine!

I am very grateful for my dad.  One of my favorite things about my dad is how proud he always is in us.  Growing up he was always encouraging us in anything and everything we did!  I always felt supported and deeply cared for by my dad.  He is very hardworking, selfless, passionate man!

I love watching him as a grandfather.  Malayna is extremely calm near my dad.  She is turning into quite the wiggle worm, but when my Dad holds her she is just still and content.  I remember in her newborn days she would just lay on his chest, perfectly content.

My mom always did such a great job of making our birthdays super special.  We always got to do some fun activity which for my summer birthday often involved going to the pool, baseball game, or shopping!  We always got to pick our favorite meal.  Any guesses on what mine was?  Kind of funny looking back now, but they were tacos.  My favorite dessert was yellow cake with my moms amazing chocolate frosting.  We can not forget too that my dad would, without fail, always bring home a balloon for us.  I really hope to carry on this tradition with Malayna.  Birthdays only happen once a year and I always want her to feel celebrated and loved!

She got me this BEAUTIFUL bracelet that has an “M” charm on it! I have been wanting a piece of jewelry to remember Malayna by, and was so thrilled to get this!  I got some really awesome kitchen gadgets too that  you will see shortly on the blog!  Lets just say “tinnnny” ice cream sandwiches are coming! 🙂

She still spoils us and made amazing steak shish kabobs, veggies, corn, and a yummy pasta salad.

Dessert was wonderful as well!! Coconut frosting!

Sam spoiled me and got me a late Mothers Day/birthday combo gift this year that I have already enjoyed using a lot!

I am mostly looking forward to capturing those quick moments with Malayna that often my normal camera fails to catch.  Looking forward to learning more about how to use my camera and capture more of these moments…

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