This June two very special people graduated- my cousin Anthony from high school and my brother Steve with his MBA!  I am so proud of both of them.

Malayna enjoyed her first graduation ceremony watching Anthony.  She enjoyed watching all the people.  Anthony is extremely bright, leveled headed, and athletic.  I have to be honest, sometimes I get concerned with the attitudes and behaviors of our next generation, but then I see someone like Anthony and know there are still very respectful, smart, funny, kind men out there.  I’m proud of you Anthony and am excited for this next chapter in your life.  Please don’t forget about your cousin when you write for Sports Illustrated. 😉

Back when I was getting my Masters and working full time, life was VERY busy.  Every moment was filled with either work, going to class, or homework.  This was several years ago before I was married and had Malayna.  Steve, was able to work well over a 40 hr a week job, go to school in downtown Chicago and on top of all that be a wonderful husband to Sara and father to Dominic.

My mother mentioned at his graduation party that he did all of it without complaining.  I can remember thinking often thinking “How does Steve do it all?”  I know he relied heavily on the Lord, but also know his strong work ethic, determination, and love for learning got him through the past few years.  As well as an amazing wife, mother-in-law, and mother!!!  I am so proud of you Steve and know you will continue to do great things!  Thanks for setting such a good example to our family.

The beautiful Simpson’s came up to celebrate.  Love these girls so much and they are so amazing with children and babies!!  Sad…I didn’t take a picture with Mo! 😦

And in other news we may have to schedule an intervention for my daughter….

One thought on “Graduation

  1. Katie, that was so sweet on what you said about Anthony. It brought a sweet tear to my eye. Thank you. Love all of your pics. And it was so sweet what you said about Steve too. From that pic with Malayna wanting the beer it really looks like I am up to no good. Oh boy, she better watch out for her great aunt. lol.

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