First Swim Lesson

Thanks to the wonderful recommendation from my good friend Kim, we signed Malayna up to take swim lessons at “Iddy Bitty Pool School” near our home.  For babies ages 3-8 months the swim lessons are FREE, so I had to jump at the chance to take Malayna.  Her first class was called “Return to water.”

Malayna loves bath time, but I had no idea how she would react to the pool.  Immediately when she went in she was sooo LOUD and talked a TON!   In fact every time the instructor would talk she was so loud it was distracting.  Hopefully this isn’t a sign to come that she will be a little talker in school. 🙂

The coach was amazing and our class was so small with only two other families.  We started with getting her used to her face in the water by pouring a cup of water over her face and we gradually worked up to taking her across a sprinkler in the water.

After getting her used to the water we went in circles with her on her back and then showed her how to make bubbles.  Apparently Sam is the expert bubble blower because she loved watching him.

The class ended with showing us how to work our way up to dunking the babies.  He told us that you always want to dunk babies in a U shape never a V and to make sure to go 2-3 inches below the water (often parents don’t go deep enough).  I’m a little nervous for this part when we do it eventually, but I am sure she will do fine.

The hardest part about the class is it’s at 6:40 pm at night so it makes a late bedtime and grumpy baby on the way home.

You mean I have to get out of the pool!!!

Anyone else get sooo hungry after being in the water?

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