6 Months Old

Malayna turned the big half year on Sunday!

5 months ago…

6 months feels like a big milestone.  I feel like the jump from 5 to 6 months a lot has changed.  Here are some updates:

She has been getting on all fours ready to crawl, but no crawling yet.  I am not in any rush for her to start crawling.  Sam on the other hand is constantly trying to get her to crawl.  When I am making dinner I often glance in the family room to see Sam actively down on all fours attempting to “show” Malyayna how to crawl.

Her spitting up has decreased quite a bit.  She used to spit up after almost every meal, (quite a bit sometimes), and now she spits up 0-2 times a day which makes for a slightly cleaner day. 🙂

This is M after she spit up and decided to face plant right into it…

She LOVES sitting in the stroller (sans car seat).  I think she can look out and see everything and loves taking in the sites.  We have gotten into a little routine of taking a family walk around 6pm (before dinner and bed) with her.  I love evening walks in the summer and it allows Sam and I a few minutes to catch up.

Love these toy straps to keep toys from flying out of the stroller when you aren’t looking…

She now normally takes two long naps (instead of three).  However, sometimes she still does three depending on what the day looks like.

She is definitely at the stage where she is reaching and grabbing for everything.  She LOVES holding unto things.  The other morning I went into her room (I hadn’t heard a peep from her all night) to find her with her hand holding onto the bumper tie and her two feet propped up in the air on the bumper.  I really wish you could have seen it.  I have no idea how she slept that way.  When we are driving in the car and she falls asleep I often find her holding onto a toy.

Her eye lashes continue to grow.  I think they are longer than mine!  And it even looks like she is wearing eye liner in this pic.

She will begin solids next Friday.  Our Doctor encourages us to wait until 6 months (to avoid allergies and make sure the baby is ready).  I will be taking a class on Baby Led Weaning (see website if you are curious: here) next Friday that our Doctors office offers.  I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned since being a mom is that solids are NOT necessary or needed for breastfed babies until after one year old.  Food under one is just for fun! 🙂  Definitely thought babies needed solids.  I’m in no rush to begin solids.  As much as I am excited for her to experience and enjoy food, it does change things.  Plus her diapers changes dramatically (since we are doing cloth 80% of the time) we will now have an added bonus when changing the diapers.  I do however hope she is not a picky eater.  I may or may not be married to a very picky eater (love you honey) and hope she enjoys a wide variety of foods.  I am also very excited to eat meals together.

She is not sitting up unassisted yet.  She still leans some or falls to the right or left.  Kind of funny to watch.

She still has no teeth.

Very grateful for an INCREDIBLE 6 months!

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