South Carolina, Part III: Hiking, sushi, and frozen yogurt

Psalm 96:13, “Let all creation rejoice before the Lord.”

My grandparents live only five minutes away from a beautiful state park.  Sam, Malayna, and I went there a couple mornings during the week to take a nice hike.

Our first hike Joe, Lauren, and Cecelia came with.  We made it back to the van just in time before it began raining!

Cecelia enjoyed the trail!

I love hiking!! I really wish we lived close to a state park.  We have a really nice trail a few minutes from our house, but its not the same as being near a lake.

The lake hike was definitely my favorite.

Here is my attempt to do a family picture with my camera on the picnic table.

Malaynas like “mom you are crazy!”

And then we met this guy…

No worries we let Malayna touch it and it didn’t bite.

Just kidding you think I am crazy?!  He was about 5 feet from us near a dam and I zoomed in so he looks a lot bigger than what he was.  Can I add that my husband wanted to throw a rock at him and kill him??  Even though I HATE snakes, I told him how cruel that would be and I proceeded to throw a pebble at him before Sam got at him.  Thankfully he slithered away.

Later in the week we enjoyed sushi with Jay, Elisabeth, and Caroline.  Caroline is such a sweet, fun, kind little girl.  Her voice is so precious and she loved baby C and M.  Baboooo 😉

I mean how cute can you be?

We can’t wait to met baby Reese next time!!

Afterward we went to Yogurt Moutain and got frozen yogurt! Oh man this place was great!  You can pick from various frozen yogurts and place all the toppings on that you want!! Lauren told me we have a place like this in South Elgin, and I really want to try it out! Who wants to go with me?

Who can guess which bowl was mine and which was Sam’s?

Yep mine was the chocolate one! We all know I love my chocolate.  Sam went for more fruity combination.  I could go crazy in that place, but you pay by the ounce so you have to be careful how much you load up!

M had tons of fun!

Just wanted to add, a lot of you commented on the stapler in Sam’s bag.  Haha!  I know who carries a stapler with them?  Anyway, it was because he had his work bag with him. 🙂

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