South Carolina, Part I

Malayna took her first vacation to visit my mom’s side of the family down South with Daddy, Gramie, Joe, Lauren, and Cecelia!  I have over 200 pictures so I will be splitting up pictures among several parts.  Consider this part I.

Four generations.  My grandma and mom look amazingly beautiful.  Lauren as always is gorgeous.  Two of the cutest babies (I know I am biased).

I want to begin with saying Malayna and Cecelia greatly enjoyed meeting all of the O’Grady’s- Great-Grandparents, Bagwells, James, Irwins, Finks, and Bobo’s.  We were really missing Dad, Steve, Sara, Dominic, O’Grady’s, and Simpsons.

Cecelia and Malayna both did VERY well all week long.  I love these pictures of M and C sitting in Grandpa’s chair.  Immediately M went to attack poor C and grab her ears.  I wish you could have seen it.

Away from me Malayna.  Why does this remind me of my childhood?

Pinchy pinchy.  (For those who don’t know I have had an ear fetish since I was a little kid.  I would often pinch my sisters ear.  Before you think I am cruel, it’s because I often love someone so much I want to squeeze them.  So because I can not squeeze them, I pinch their ears to get all my love energies out).

We saw this beautiful baby picture of mom that looks a lot like Malayna.

Malayna seemed especially happy and content all week and I think its because she was always being held, played with, and loved on.

She took a few days to settle into sleeping in a different place (and with mom nearby), but eventually began to sleep better.  The funny thing is I am the same way when I travel. I always seem to sleep bad the first night or two in a new place.

Cecelia slept very well all week long and gained around 5 pounds ;).

It was such a blessing to stay at my grandparents.  They spoil us with wonderful food, company, and laughter.  It was such a relaxing week to be with Sam, Mom, Lauren, Joe, and Cecelia.

It was the perfect balance of relaxing at home and going out to do things.  We had lots of fun adventures farmers market, M and C’s first zoo trip, went to see Avengers (thanks mom for babysitting), took several hikes at a beautiful state park on a lake, had several evening walks with Sam (this was a special treat to have lots of babysitters at the house when M went to sleep so Sam and I could spend some alone time together), went walking around Downtown Greenville, out to eat with the Bagwells, date night at beautiful park, and lots of family parties!

I always knew people seemed nicer down South with all the southern hospitality (or is it a sweet tea high), but I think it was even more evident this past trip with a baby.  I had lots of people open doors for us, smile, offer to carry strollers up flights of stairs, be extremely friendly, and did I mention smile again?  I think the biggest difference came with security at the airport.

At Midway I was given no instructions for traveling with a baby.  Security lines with no babies stress me out, let along bringing M.  I always feel like I need to strip down to nothing, take all my belongings out, and chug my water bottle.  Those stupid treys always seem stuck together and hard to pull apart.  On top of all that, I always feel like I need to go extremely fast or someone will yell at me.  (For those who have been near O’Hare we all know what its like to get yelled at when picking someone up in the arrival line).  This time with a stroller, a carseat, diaper bag, bookbag, baby, and husband who decided he needed to travel with a stapler and get his bag ransacked multiple times, I was stressed.

However, coming home was another story. There were no lines, lots of clear instructions given from the security guards, and patient airport security guards.  The security guards actually wanted to chat it up asking if Lauren and I were twins (as well as flirt with mom asking if she was our sister).  This one man was a grandpa and immediately loved seeing Cecelia and Malayna.

It was the perfect vacation and I am already missing all my wonderful family.  It was even more perfect having M and C with me.

4 thoughts on “South Carolina, Part I

  1. What beautiful pics!!! Love the ear pinching pic the best!!! Classic. Wish I could pinch yours right now. Love you so much! So awesome to meet Maylayna and Cecelia.

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