Children’s Growth Chart

I have been wanting to find or make a growth chart for Malayna for a while now.  I received this stick (similar to a measuring stick, but without the measurements) with a bear on top from a friend’s neighbor that was looking to give it away.

It inspired me to make this:

I should have taken a before picture but it was just a brown regular stick with a bear on top.  I painted the stick white, and with a green sample paint I had left over from the kitchen used that to paint the height marks.

I placed stickers I had for the 1-5 foot marks and had to use modge podge to keep them on (they kept peeling off).  I went to Hobby Lobby to find the “O” and painted that green as well.  I then placed the elephant on the top for a little added touch!  I wanted to go with “O” instead of “M” for any future kiddos to be able to mark on there as well.

It was so much fun to do!  If you would like one for your kiddo I would be happy to make one!

As we all know I have greatly been enjoying garage sales.  Here are a few of my favorite finds for Malayna:

Tinnnny stroller for M’s babies.  Every little girl needs one!  A suitcase to spend the night at Grandpa and Grandpa’s or Aunt/Uncles house! 🙂  A tea set I have been trying to find.  All of this was only $5.

Super cute blocks for $1 and a puzzle.

Sam’s favorite a baby lifevest for the boat.

Next project will be redoing a children’s rocking chair!  More to come!

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