Baby Shower Fun

Saturday some friends and I had the privilege of throwing our good friend, Jerusalem, a baby shower for baby Chesney numero dos.

Missing Lora our star planner

Erik and Jerusalem decided to find out the gender and not tell anyone!  However, I know its a girl! 🙂  I had a dream that she had a girl, and I also had a dream I was having a girl before I found out Malayna was a girl, so I must be right ;).  We will find out in 3-6 weeks!

Lora, as always, made a super cute diaper cake.

Diaper cakes are so much fun to put together.  Here are two I have done (with the help of Renee on Lauren’s):

Some decorations:

Here are some pictures of all the beautiful ladies:

How beautiful and adorable is Jerusalem?  Who looks that good at the end of their pregnancy?

Precious sleeping beauty!!

I made this little guy I found on pinterest.  Her name is Elisabeth after her baby-to-be.  It didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned, but it will do.

Preggers opening presents.  How adorable is this picture that Robyn made!

Speaking of showers, I just looked at pictures (that I have not seen) of my family baby shower.  Such special memories.  It seems like so long ago, but only was last fall.

My aunt Kathy, the most creative/artistic person I know, made these….

Cupcakes made of onesies!

This was my expression when my dear friend, Bethany, flew all the way from Vegas to surprise me….

Miss her so much!!!

Can you believe this picture?  Dominic was already watching out for Malayna and Cecelia….sigh….

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